Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Vaping

Cannabis vaping has gained popularity in recent years. It’s a process of heating cannabis flowers, extracts or concentrates using a vape pen and inhaling the vapors to receive medicinal effects. There’s a wide range of vaporizers available to meet consumers’ needs. And, vaporization is considered as a discreet method of marijuana consumption.

In vaping, the substance isn’t burned, thus it doesn’t produce the same byproducts as smoking. So, can it be used as a safer alternative to smoking? Do you need a medical marijuana card San Diego to vape cannabis legally? How exactly vaporization works? Read on to get answers to these questions.

How Vaping Works?

Vaping is a smokeless method of delivering cannabinoids in the bloodstream. It involves heating marijuana at a much lower temperature, thus extracting the chemical compounds and terpenes and inhaling them in the form of vapors through the mouthpiece.

Depending on the type of vaporizer you have, you can use cannabis flowers or concentrates.

Marijuana’s cannabinoids start vaporizing at 284F while combustion occurs at around 446F. Additionally, in vaping, you can easily set the temperature to control the rate of release of cannabinoids. This helps you to receive the required health benefits.

Vaporizers use conductive or convective heating to produce vapors containing cannabinoids for inhalation. In conductive heating, cannabis is placed on an electronically heated surface usually made of metal. However, the convective heating elements are made of ceramic or steel.

The Amazing Benefits of Vaping

Reduces The Inhalation of Carcinogens

Carcinogens are mostly related to cigarette smoke. These are cancer-causing toxins, which are inhaled with the smoke.

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Medical experts believe that vaping can reduce the risks of inhaling carcinogens. A study published in 2007 shows that blood levels of CO2 were lower in participants who vaped than those who smoked cannabis.

Better Taste

In cannabis consumption, it’s not about getting high, taste also matters. The terpenes present in marijuana smell and taste great. Since cannabis is heated at a low temperature in vaporization, thus terpenes can add some flavor. In modern vaporizers, you can find a temperature setting feature, thus adjusting the heat to get the desired taste.

Better Medicinal Effects

Vaping allows you to receive better therapeutic effects, thus managing your symptoms effectively. A study by MAPS and California NORML reported that in vaping, about 46 percent of THC is converted into vapors while smoking could convert only 25 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Moreover, when smoking joints, a large portion of active chemical compounds is wasted in puff and pass activities. On the other hand, vaping occurs at a low temperature, thus it can help preserve THC and other compounds.


Due to the small size, vape pens are more convenient, especially when traveling. A vaporizer can easily fit in a handy bag. Additionally, with vape pens, you need not worry about any marijuana-related odor. It resembles a pen, so you don’t require any additional accessories to have a vaping experience.

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

One of the major advantages of vaping is that it doesn’t produce cannabis-based toxins as smoking does. So, vaping reduces the risks of certain health risks.

However, vape pens use cannabis filled cartridges, which are heated to produce vapors. This means, consumers are taking in concentrated contaminants and carcinogens, which reach the bloodstream directly.

In concentrates and cartridges, there are some additives or thinning agents, which are turned into carcinogens when heated.

Moreover, there is some evidence that diacetyl used in vape can cause lung problems, thus leading to thickening of air sacs and inflammation.

In addition to diacetyl, substances such as vitamin E acetate or propylene glycol can cause irritation in the lungs.

Other risks associated with vaping are-

  • Nicotine is highly addictive and may affect the brain development process. Thus, it’s not safe to use for teens and adults.
  • Some toxins produced when vaping can increase the risks of cancer.
  • Defective batteries in vaporizers can result in explosions or burns.
  • Vaping isn’t good during the pregnancy—it can harm the baby.

Cannabis Vaping Tips For Beginners

Learn About Different Types of Vaporizers

There are various types of vaporizers available in the market. The three main ones are—tabletop vape, dry herb vaporizers, and concentrates/oils vaporizers. Each vaporizer has its own advantages. For example, dry herb vaporizers are easy to use and are available in different varieties. They heat cannabis to generate vapors without carbonization. Some vaporizers come with a temperature control feature.

Choose The Right Material For Vaping

Since you can vape cannabis flowers, concentrates, and oils, it’s up to you to choose the material for vaping. Don’t just pick anything. Read the vaping guidelines for your particular vaporizer.

However, you should do comprehensive research on different vaping materials. And, make sure you buy concentrates, flowers, etc. from a reputed online store.

Check Dosage

Cannabis vaping works differently from smoking. Depending on marijuana form and how long do you need medicinal effects, you can choose the right dose.

Oils and concentrates provide strong effects, which usually don’t last for a long time. So, they might not be right for pain and anxiety relief. However, the effectiveness and length of medicinal effects depend on the amount of THC and CBD present in concentrates/oils. It’s important to check the label carefully when buying cannabis products for vaping.

Take Good Care of Your Vaporizer

It’s necessary to take proper care of your vaping device. If you don’t properly maintain it, you will end up having a bad vaping experience.

However, you should clean your vaporizer regularly for cleaner consumption and have an amazing vaping experience. 

How to Access Medical Marijuana Legally?

Currently, cannabis is legal for medical purposes in 33 US states. And, marijuana products such as concentrates, oils, flowers, etc. are available at medical dispensaries. But, only patients who have valid MMJ cards can access these dispensaries.

With telemedicine, you can apply for your medical marijuana card San Diego from home. The complete process takes less than 10 minutes and it involves three simple steps-

  • Sign up an account
  • Talk to a licensed doctor through HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Receive an MMJ rec letter via email

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Key Takeaways

Vaping is one of the easiest methods of cannabis consumption for health benefits. In this, marijuana is heated at a low temperature by a vape pen, thus generating vapors, which can be inhaled for immediate effects.

Since cannabis isn’t heated at a high temperature, vaping is quite safe as compared to smoking. However, vaping still causes certain health risks.

However, there’s a wide range of vaporizers available in different designs and shapes. Depending on whether you want to consume cannabis flowers or concentrates/oils, you can get a perfect vape pen.

Talk to a licensed doctor to get your medical marijuana card San Diego today.

7 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Cannabis and Sleep

People all across the globe are using cannabis to treat insomnia. In fact, a lot of them keep the herb by their bedside. Experts say that even the people with extreme insomnia can enter the world of dreams and memories with the help of a nice and relaxing Indica strain. No wonder why so many people are getting a medical marijuana card in San Diego nowadays.

Though a lot of cannabis consumers know that the herb can help them sleep better, there are a lot of things you probably have no idea about. For instance, did you know an older bud is far more efficient in inducing sleep than a fresh bud? Interesting, right? 

There are many other such interesting facts about using cannabis for sleep. So, let’s learn a few here.

Different Strains have Different Effects

Usually, we associate Indica strains with sleep. And Sativas are considered effective in uplifting and energizing you. Though this may be true for a lot of people, this shouldn’t be the only thing you think of while choosing your strain. 

Cannabis affects different people differently, depending upon the THC and CBD level, your body structure, and many other things. And thus, a strain that works for others may not work for you.

So, while choosing a strain for helping you with insomnia, you should do some experimentation. Try several different strains and make note of which ones work for you. Are they rich in THC or CBD? Do they have any specific terpene profile? Do they have any other similarities? By keeping track of the chemical composition of the strains that work for you, you will be able to choose the best strain for your insomnia, very easily.

THC and CBD act differently on Sleep

If you are a cannabis user, you probably already know there are many different types of cannabis strains. Some make you high (high THC & low CBD), some not (high CBD & low THC), and there are several that keep it balanced (almost equal THC and CBD). But the question here is which type is better for your sleep?

The studies on sleep until now have mostly studied THC rich strains only. And so, it’s quite hard to say how CBD affects your sleep. However, there are a few small scale studies available that give us an idea of how CBD may interfere with sleep. And mostly, we’ve got a mixed response. Some studies on animals suggest that CBD may have alerting effects on the brain. However, a survey conducted on 72 adults that were suffering from anxiety and insomnia found that more than 65 percent of participants saw an improvement in their sleep after one month of CBD use. But you should also note that almost 25 percent of participants from the same survey reported that their symptoms worsened. So, now the question is CBD benefits who and why.

Trying out different products to see what works for you won’t hurt. However, if you find that CBD doesn’t work for you, you may try a low dose of THC.

Cannabis During Nighttime may induce “Hangover”

A lot of people think cannabis does not induce hangovers. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, a cannabis hangover is a phenomenon that occurs much more frequently than you think. And if you are a cannabis consumer, you probably have experienced them. 

Don’t you remember it? Well, let me remind you.

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling a little foggy after a nice cannabis session the last night? Yes? That’s what a hangover is. What were you thinking? Hunching over a pot in the bathroom? No, cannabis hangover doesn’t do that. However, you may feel a little foggy, congested, and dehydrated. And this mostly happens when you consume bad quality cannabis.

If you want to avoid cannabis hangovers you should buy only the tested products, keep yourself hydrated, eat healthy foods and avoid overconsuming. 

Cannabis hinders REM Sleep

While cannabis may help you sleep easily, the one thing you’ll probably miss is your dreams. Dreams usually occur in the fourth and final stage of the sleep cycle, which we call REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep). But cannabis use just before your bedtime can reduce the time you usually spend in the REM stage. And this results in lesser dreams. 

However, if you stop using cannabis after a long time, you may experience a very opposite effect called the “REM rebound.” In this, you get even more dreams. Plus, the dreams are more lucid in nature.

Cannabis Helps you Sleep Faster

Cannabis is very famous for its ability to quell stress and anxiety. Plus, it also helps you relax physically. Given these facts, the ability of cannabis to induce sleep quickly isn’t surprising. Furthermore, cannabis also helps people with conditions, like PTSD, multiple sclerosis and pain, etc., which interfere with the ability to sleep.

However, if you are thinking of using edibles, you should note that they take a little longer to show its effects as compared to inhalation methods. But the effects usually last for several hours, which may help you sleep longer. So, even if you are not comfortable with smoking, you can apply for a medical marijuana card in San Diego and enjoy the benefits of cannabis for sleep.

Cannabis may Help You Breathe Better

Have you ever heard about sleep apnea? It’s a condition in which the breath of the person gets obstruct frequently. And this obstruction may last sometimes for even several minutes. You can easily imagine how difficult this condition makes for the sufferer to sleep. They have to wake up several times in the middle of the night, which often leads to sleepiness, nausea, headaches, etc. the next day.

Several studies on the subject suggest that cannabis may help patients improve this condition. A study conducted in 2013 measured the efficiency of dronabinol, a cannabinoid of cannabis, in treating this condition. And the researchers noted that 15 out of 17 participants saw an improvement in their condition just after 21 days of their treatment.

There was another study in the year 2002 that found that THC has the ability to improve the respiratory stability by controlling the serotonin signaling. However, the studies until now are at a very initial level. And we need a much deeper research to be confident about it.

Cannabis use may Cause Sleep Problems in Young People

A 2014 study, which takes information from a survey of 1811 participants who had a cannabis history, says that cannabis use, particularly among kids below 15, may cause sleeping issues in them that may persist throughout their adulthood. 

However, you should note that the catch here is the word “may.” The study could not clarify if it was cannabis that worsened the sleep or if people with insomnia are more likely to use the herb because of its sedation inducing properties. And so, more research is needed to understand this relationship properly.

5 Ways Cannabis Help You Get Toned

You might not agree with the title and take it as a joke. But no, we are not kidding. There is indeed a definite link between your favorite herb and hitting the gym. And the most aspect of it is very positive. Although, it’s not a pick-me-up, but it can enhance your fitness in ways you never think of. It allows your body to grow leaner, train harder, and heal faster. 

When you exercise, your body produces endocannabinoids. These get increased and enhanced with cannabinoids in cannabis. This is because the CBD and THC both bind to the same receptors in our endocannabinoid system. 420 Evaluations San Diego doctors took a more in-depth look in this regard. Read on to know the five positive effects of cannabis for shaping yourself.  

Leads You To New Personal Bests 

As said above, when you exercise, endorphins are released, and that increases your pain threshold. As a result, your body decreases the perception of the efforts of allowing yourself to push harder. Marijuana can help you here. It dulls the perception of pain slightly so that you can pass through your limits. And we all know, going a little beyond our perceived limit leads to gains and new personal bests. 

Helps You To Warm Up and Getting Flexible

For flexibility and ease of motion, you require to loosen your muscles. If stretching and breathing aren’t enough for this, cannabis can do wonders. Combine marijuana intake with yoga for better results. Cannabis relaxes your mind while yoga provides flexibility to your body. 

Gives You Athlete-Like Focus

Cannabis users are aware of the intense focus it provides. It might be alarming to new users, but if you use for something physical like heavyweight lifting and long-distance running – the results are utmost satisfying. Many pro athletes take the help of psychologists to stay in focus amid a competition. But if they try a little cannabis, it can help them reach that state of their own. 

Cannabis Sustain Longer Workouts

Cannabis users exercise much more than you think. It is a mildly performance-enhancing product for workouts. It serves as a bronchodilator and helps an athlete take in more air, which is then delivered to oxygen-depleted blood to reach out to the muscles. The more the air reaches the muscles, the longer is the endurance of physical activity. 

Gets You Recover Faster For Your Next Workout Session

Muscle relax, and recovery is an essential part of your physical health and building muscles. Also, it helps you restore energy for the next session. Cannabis help ease the recovery of muscle tissues at a faster pace. CBD in cannabis lowes the inflammation in your sore muscles, and its THC content aids in refueling and sleeping, which are very critical for recovery. 

Moreover, other drugs like Ibuprofen that people consume for boosting their body belongs to a family of medications called NSAIDs. These medications can have a severe effect on kidneys if taken regularly and during sports. These toxic effects of NSAID drugs are the 15th most common cause of death in the United States. On the other hand, using CBD as a recovery tool is a much more tamed approach, and has far fewer side-effects.

Last Words

Now, as you are much aware of the benefits of cannabis in shaping yourself, its time to drop the stereotype of the lazy, and unmotivated stoner. Honor the fact that many are already living a healthy and active life with cannabis, and you could be the next!

Is Medical Marijuana Something More Than THC?

When people hear the term ‘medical marijuana,’ they are taken aback, thinking its just THC and will get them stoned. It’s not their fault. Generally, most people have a fundamental understanding of marijuana as – a drug that is consumed to reach euphoria.

However, they have never thought about the fact that it could be medicinal, as well. But now, with the legalization of the drug, many are already familiar with its therapeutic benefits. On an estimate, about more than four thousand people have already undergone 420 evaluations San Diego to receive their MMJ card. Here in this post, we will put some light on whether medical marijuana is something more than THC; to clear most of your queries. 

Medical Marijuana Has CBD as a Primary Compound

If you have ever searched about medical marijuana or cannabis, you might have encountered terms like Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. As a beginner, you might mistake these with different varieties of cannabis, but they are not. A few experienced people know that cannabis divides into these three subcategories. The categorization is purely based upon the height of plants, excess of THC or CBD, and properties (euphoric or medicinal).

Majorly, cannabis has two categories, Sativa and Indica. Sativa is for the mind; whereas, Indica is for the body. For medicinal benefits, you will have to select a strain from the Indica category. It will have less or no euphoric effects after ingestion. However, for possessing any of them, first, you need 420 evaluations San Diego for your MMJ card. 

How Medical Marijuana Differ From Recreational?

Medical Marijuana V/s Recreational_

Marijuana has 100s of compounds of which THC and CBD are main and effective ones. It is the amount of these compounds that decide whether the said cannabis can be used from medicinal benefits or not. 

THC – It stands for Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Excess quantity of THC in a strain makes best it best for recreational purposes. It makes people high, bringing them in a euphoric state. 

CBD – It stands for cannabidiol. If a strain has a higher amount of CBD as compared to THC, then that strain is perfect for medicinal uses. People consuming strains with a higher quantity of CBD have reported no incidence of euphoria. 

How Medical Marijuana Helps?

There aren’t any proven records of medical marijuana curing chronic diseases, but exceptions are there. A few people have reported that it has helped them heal or reduce symptoms of several health conditions, including:

  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Pain
  • Anorexia
  • Appetite loss
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Anxiety

What Are The Ways to Have Medical Marijuana? 

Gone are the days when you have to look for a safer place to smoke medical marijuana for evident benefits. These days with 420 evaluations San Diego and MMJ card, a lot of possibilities have deduced for the use of medical cannabis. 

  • The ways of intake are
  • Smoke it in the traditional way
  • Inhale the mist using a good quality vaporizer
  • Buy edibles in the form of brownies, cookies, candies, and even lollipops
  • Apply it directly on the skin as oil, lotion or cream
  • Use as tinctures 

How to Judge the Legitimacy of Medical Marijuana?

There are no instructions issued as such by the FDA for the legitimacy of medical cannabis. 

Either you can rely on sellers’ credibility or ask them for the certificate of analysis if your state has a bureau for cannabis control. One good tip in this regard is only to purchase medical cannabis from certified dispensaries. Last but not least, always check for the amount of CBD (should be high as compared to THC). 

Final Put

It’s high time when people should stop generalizing cannabis for only recreational abuse. They must pay heed to its medical benefits as well!

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What You Need To Learn Before Going For Medical Marijuana Recommendations Online?

Thinking how to talk to a physician regarding medical marijuana recommendations online?

From chronic pain to seizures, nerve pain to nausea and anxiety. Medical marijuana seems to be a possible treatment therapy for a growing number of medical conditions.

  • Do you suffer from an acute or chronic condition?
  • Are your medications not working anymore?
  • Are you still findings ways to get relief from the annoying symptoms?

I am sure using medical marijuana as an option would definitely have crossed your mind. 

There is nothing to feel shy about. We understand there is a stigma attached to this particular option. But, there are many states opting to make it accessible for their people.  

So, if your medications are not helping you to get any type of relief. Here is what you need to learn about medical marijuana before opting for medical marijuana recommendations online.

  • Not Every Strain Produces Same Effects 

Medical marijuana is a plant with thousands of different strains out there. Because of the difference in the concentrations of cannabinoids. 

And, cannabinoids are precisely the molecules that matter when it comes to medical marijuana. Two primary cannabinoids that have taken the center stage include- THC and CBD. 

Some medical conditions benefit from THC while others require a higher concentration of CBD for attaining the desired relief. There are patients who are in need of strains with equal amounts of THC and CBD. 

So, strains differ in every single case. You can ask a budtender or read some articles online for understanding the difference. 

  • Single Plant Multiple Health Benefits

Single Plant Multiple Health Benefits

The medical benefits of cannabis are not limited as anxiety or pain reliever. Medical marijuana has potent therapeutic potency for a range of other medical conditions such as-

  • Migraines
  • Epilepsy
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Nausea
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  •  Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Autism

Keep in mind that different states allow medical marijuana recommendations online only for a certain class of medical conditions. 

Still, a doctor can make the final call whether or not your condition needs medical cannabis therapy. 

  • Smoking Is Not The Only Consumption Method

There are a lot of patients who always take a backseat as they don’t wish to indulge in smoking. But, there are many forms of medical cannabis available in the market.

  • Vaporizers
  • Edibles
  • Sublingual
  • Topicals

You can choose any of the above methods as per the requirement of your medical conditions. 

Be well informed about the positives and negatives of taking any of the forms and decide accordingly. 

  • No Prescriptions Only Recommendations

If you are qualified for using medical cannabis as a medical aid. Then, all you need is talk to a physician. They will provide you with valid mmj recommendations. 

This is because the plant is still illegal at a federal level. So, officially you cannot prescribe it. The only thing that you can go for is — 420 Evaluations California San Diego.

Once these queries are settled. You need to move ahead and talk to a suitable physician for recommending you medical cannabis. 

Here Is How You Can Start A Conversation

  • You can talk it out with your doctor by sharing experiences of someone you know who are taking medical cannabis as an aid. 
  • It’s all about transparency. Share each and every detail concerning your medical condition. Or else it might decrease your chances of improving your medical condition.
  • Don’t assume that doctors have all the medical cannabis updates. You can have an idea about their knowledge by enquiring about their educations programs and workshops.

Also, not everyone is well-versed with the endocannabinoid system and its effects on the human body. 

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So, do your homework right before consulting any doctor for medical marijuana recommendations online. 

Talking to a physician might seem challenging to a lot of patients. So, for them, telemedicine is one of the best ways to reach cannabis specialists over a video call. 

Understand the risks involved and choose your preferences wisely.

Can Medical Marijuana in San Diego Help Managing Multiple Sclerosis?

Medical marijuana in San Diego as a therapeutic agent for relieving symptoms in multiple sclerosis?

Does that make any sense?

I am sure we have all experienced the trauma of muscle spasticity. For some, it’s just a nightmare. But for millions of Americans, it’s the truth of their lives. 

Pain is like a constant buddy in their lives. Everything seems to fade away. But, the pain remains every time. 

Enduring stiffness, excruciating pain, muscle cramps seems like a daily routine. And here, conventional medications are not as effective as a long term therapy. 

One can only manage MS. Treatment is certainly not an option for now.

So, why take a bunch of pain-relieving medications every day when you can support yourself with the magical experiences of cannabis therapy. 

Multiple Sclerosis and Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Studies have revealed that whenever there are cases of CNS inflammation, and this activates ECS that influences the body’s natural defense mechanism triggers. 

But, multiple sclerosis somehow compromises ECS and its functioning. 

How is Medical Cannabis Helpful?

Medical Cannabis Helpful

When the endocannabinoid system activates, the production of anandamide protects neurons from any type of damage. 

Hence, replenishing the body with plant-derived cannabinoids will be helpful in relieving symptoms. 

Also, some studies confirm that cannabinoids also have immunosuppressant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Anecdotal reports also suggest that cannabis relieves MS symptoms such as pain, tremor, or bladder dysfunction. 

So, having access to medical marijuana in San Diego will be a lifesaver for like millions of MS patients. 

What Does Research Say?

Medical marijuana helps to manage the disorder by reducing inflammatory factors that trigger muscle spasms. 

Here are some research articles that confirm its therapeutic efficacy. 

  • A study by the University of South Carolina shed light on the immunomodulatory properties of cannabis in reducing effects of muscle injury. 

Cannabinoids, especially THC, restored the balance. Hence, helpful in managing the painful condition effectively. 

  • Another study demonstrated that both THC and CBD are helpful in preventing damages of nerve fibers because of inflammatory responses. 
  • One other study confirmed that medical marijuana in San Diego improved muscle spasticity only after a month of using an oral cannabis spray. 

How to Use Medical Cannabis For Relieving MS Symptoms?

Many consumption ways are available to eliminate the effects of MS symptoms. You can use the following consumption methods for relieving your symptoms.

  • Smoking Cannabis
  • Eating Cannabis Edibles
  • Topical Cannabis 

But, only an experienced 420 doctor can recommend a suitable product of medical marijuana in San Diego for your respective condition.

Most of the times topical method is most suitable for relieving muscle cramps. Localized treatment plans are most effective as they work more efficiently by modulating WBC using ECS receptors. 

So, you heal faster and get back to your daily life quickly. 

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Medical Cannabis Strains For Alleviating MS Symptoms 

A variety of medical cannabis strains are helpful in reducing the intensity of muscle cramps. 

More than 300 strains can actually be helpful in relieving symptoms associated with MS. 

Here are some examples that you can consume.

  • Snoop Dogg
  • Green Candy
  • Head Cheese
  • Hog

These are some of the strong cannabis strains that have potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. 

You should always choose a strain of medical marijuana in San Diego and its dosage recommended by an expert mmj doctor. 

Also, use cannabis as an adjunct to other treatment options for reducing the muscles soreness and managing muscle movements.