How Technology Has Transformed the Cannabis Industry

In recent years, legalization and technology have helped change the face of the cannabis industry. From a group of cultivators working on craft cannabis to a bunch of researchers studying CBDs bioavailability through nanotechnology – everything about the cannabis industry has revolutionized in the past few years. Not only this but things are changing under less strict laws which allows the cannabis industry to try new things and study more about cannabinoids. 

The advancement of technology is changing how farmers grow cannabis and how producers extract cannabinoids. In fact, technology has also helped cannabis doctors work quite effectively. The introduction of telemedicine has allowed licensed state doctors to provide a medical marijuana card from the comfort of their homes. As countries and several states adopt new types of technology, the cannabis industry is also ready to introduce promising innovation into their work culture. 

Technology and innovation will help the cannabis industry deliver and sell marijuana products quite effectively. The manufacturing, customization, cultivation, and engineering aspects of the cannabis industry will certainly benefit from new technologies. In this post, we will learn how technology can help shape the cannabis industry. So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

E-Commerce Technology Has Changed Cannabis Retail 

Technology and invention go hand in hand. If you go back a little in time, you will come across instances where technology has helped countries march towards development and success. One such invention was the internet. It created a platform for businesses to market, sell, and connect with customers. As a result, now you can see several businesses and big companies prosper through e-commerce sites. Besides, e-commerce websites and apps are making things even simpler for consumers. So, they prefer buying cannabis online and getting it delivered to their house instead of walking up to a cannabis store. 

Just like other e-commerce websites and apps provide you ease, convenience, product information, cannabis e-commerce is no different. It helps cannabis users both recreational and medical get cannabis delivered to their houses. The apps will provide you with product information and you can buy any product that you like. In addition to this, online stores no longer register information manually. In-built software allows them to track stock, check the availability of strains, and with one click vendors can monitor their entire store. 

Technology Helps Change the Way You Consume Cannabis

Initially, smoking and vaping were the most common forms of consuming cannabis. However, if you look at the cannabis market today, you will be surprised to see the variety of products in the market. Each is designed to meet specific requirements. For instance, craft cannabis. If you look at craft cannabis, cultivators, and growers engineer products to meet specific medical requirements. Be it a bottle of CBD oil, tinctures, gummies, sublingual, or vape pens. 

Today you can choose to consume cannabis in various forms. The shift from traditional methods to new methods of consumption opens new opportunities for developing tools that enable the production of enticing products. Let’s take an example, vaporizers are engineered to work with different forms of products. These products range from concentrates to creams, capsules, and strains. Besides, vape technology works in favor of consumers because it allows them to vape with no unpleasant scent or taste.                                                       

It Helps Businesses Comply With the Laws

Cannabis is illegal and businesses have to navigate through the loopholes in order to function properly. All thanks to technology. The cultivators can now track, document, and choose the right seeds keeping all the strict regulations in mind. In fact, strict regulations that govern the manufacturing, production, and cultivation, they all rely on technology. The government wants you to document, submit test reports, and track the progress of the shipment. All these aspects of government regulation work with the help of technology. This is to say that even technology and government policies work in tandem with technology. 

Automation helps farmers grow and cultivate seeds that produce a healthy yield. Not only this but with the help of technology, farmers can meet the compliance tests. The seal and packaging departments use childproof and safe containers. Thus eliminating any sort of danger or possibilities dispersing the law.                                                      

Technology Helps Improve Cultivation Practices

The demand to make products better and particularly products that cater to specific medical requirements have allowed the growers and scientists to work on  cannabinoids efficiently. If you look at the current scenario, the farmers want to meet the requirement of every customer and company. As a result, most cultivators and farmers leverage technology. They have greenhouses naturally built to maintain and care for the cannabis plants. Yes, we know that greenhouses require well maintenance in order for the pants to get optimum nutrients. However, technology-induced greenhouses help farmers create a friendly environment and reduce manual work by 70 percent.

The advancement of technology is not limited to greenhouses. If you look at the products in the market. You will come across smart applications that help farmers maintain conditions such as temperature and light with one press of a button. These applications come in the form of apps and they support the health of a cannabis plant.

With so many applications and apps, monitoring becomes very easy and quick. This helps cultivators produce a good and healthy yield. Not only this but as a farmer you get a chance to relax and watch TV while automated technology is taking care of your plants. If you’re wondering about applications, talk to a cannabis expert. The expert will help you learn how to navigate through these applications so that you don’t miss any step while trying to produce a high-quality yield.

Cannabis Processing and Extraction

The technologies behind processing and extraction have evolved in the past few years. Companies no longer use traditional methods to extract cannabinoids. They have a full-fledged extraction and processing system installed. They help provide efficient and quick results. For instance, hemp extraction through Butane Hash Oil (BHO) and Co2 extraction. These extractions processes in tandem with technology produce products that are accepted and consumed by the cannabis industry. The technology also allows producers to extract each cannabinoid separately. Cannabis passes through tests and a series of extraction periods resulting in a guaranteed and high-quality product. Extraction through technology also enables companies to remove impurity, solvents, and other harmful substances.

Technology and Grow Equipments

The use of LED lights is a must for an indoor cannabis yield. Yes, sunlight is a natural option but the weather is always unpredictable. Once the pant sprouts. Light, water, and air play a major role in the growth of the plant. As a result, most growers or cultivators use different forms of LED lights. These LED lights enable better light for the development of the plant. And with the help of better light farmers can produce both THC and CBD rich products. 

The advent of technology is fueling the cannabis industry to produce a wide range of products. Interestingly, adopting technology has never caused agricultural disasters. Technology has always been in favor of cannabis. So, making use of innovation and technologies such as nanotechnology will further improve the quality of products. So, be on the lookout for new technology so that you can efficiently cultivate, manufacture, avail of a medical marijuana card, generate products, and manage cannabis production.