Medical Marijuana Card

5 Benefits Of Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card

Application approval on a medical marijuana card takes only 10-minutes. Yet, it benefits in a lot of ways. Today, around the world, millions of individuals are experiencing at least one physical or mental block. Unfortunately, many would have various disorders. This population either looks toward the state to support them in their crisis or pursue alternative ways to reduce pain. Especially for seniors, it is challenging to survive separation anxiety and bowel disorders. For the younger generation, it’s stress and insomnia which not only take a toll on your health but your overall well-being.

To help individuals in pain, depression, stress, and anxiety, the pharma doctors prescribe medications. But, for those who want herbal alternatives, there is medical marijuana. The ongoing ‘cannabis legalization is a fast-paced and dynamically changing global campaign. As the moment turns every day, more allies pooled in and made the ‘cannabis industry’ one of the fastest-growing sectors. Now, cannabusiness handles employees’ salary, business revenue, and an attraction factor of hundreds of brands and a case study for tens of advocates.

What is the Medical Marijuana Card? 

It’s a state-issued card, medical marijuana doctors prescribed for patients with conditions. A medical marijuana card enables cultivating cannabis for medical use. Sometimes, marijuana cards work like medical marijuana identification(MMID), and also known as medical marijuana (MMJ). The complete marijuana therapy can go from a few weeks to two years, which essentially means you have to drive multiple trips to dispensaries. Otherwise, you can learn and grow the allowed number of marijuana plants at home. 

5 Benefits Of MMJ 

Getting a medical marijuana card takes a prescription from a verified doctor. There is a statewide change in the laws, so you must first seek cannabis legality in your state.

Low Costs

The idea behind legalizing marijuana is to make it more available to the public. In a population with a mixed scale of earning, it is invariably challenging to set a standard price. There you have to pay a small amount fee to get a medical marijuana card. Once medical marijuana was legalized, taxes on the product also went up. But the government is holding prices under regulation to support accessibility. 

Growing at home

The beginning of wide acceptance is bringing forward a lot of restrictions. For example, there is strictly a limitation on the purchase of recreational marijuana, whereas the medical marijuana cardholder can get much more quantity. There is a statewide modification, medical marijuana cardholders get up to 8 ounces in a day, whereas recreational users can apply only for 1 ounce a day. That said, growing at home also demands a lot of arrangement, but it’s cost-effective in the long run.

Age Restrictions

Medical marijuana follows some pre-existing norms. In most states, be at least 21 years old to possess and consume cannabis. Similar to the allowed age for consuming hard drinks and alcohol. For minors, it’s still illegal. However, for medical patients and medical marijuana cardholders, the minimum age requirement falls to 18 or above. Although, in cannabis law development, there have been few cases where children under 18 were given access to medical marijuana cards.

Complete access

Leveraging medical marijuana cards gives you access to a variety of strains. Some dispensaries have an array of strains containing Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. They have professional bud-tenders delivering professional support in dispensaries. Since cannabis extracts are complex, their potencies, and benefits, are very different. Only an experienced budtender will assist you to find out the right cannabis strain for your condition.

Stronger Potency

A lot of new higher potency strains have surfaced in recent years. The strains used for treating conditions have a much higher potency as compared to the buds used for recreational purposes. If we take the example of California, the edible can contain 100mg of THC whereas in lotion it can go up to 1000mg. Almost all dispensaries have lotions, for example, up to 2000mg.

One More Benefit 

Legal Protection is one of the most important reasons individuals are switching to medical marijuana. The card application takes less than 10-15 minutes. Once upon holding a card, the holder can exercise his/her right under Proposition 215 and cultivate or use cannabis for medical treatment. An MMJ backs up the holder if you are traveling to other states.

3 Easy Strains To Grow For Beginners 

  • Blue Dreams: A good cannabis strain strikes a balance between physical and mental relaxation. For an easy-to-find hybrid and relief from aches and low-mood go with blue dreams.
  • Green Crack: Another go-to strain with a perfect blend of uplifting high and gentle ‘high’. It’s easy to grow but difficult to findSativa-dominant strains. You can identify it from its sweet citrus aroma. 
  • GG4: Overall it’s a great choice and award-winning hybrid. The THC content in this one can up to 20%. It’s definitely not for beginners. GG4 induces a heavy euphoria and ‘couch lock’ feeling.

Medical Marijuana and Pandemic 2.0

The recent spike in coronavirus is once again becoming a cause of increased worry and stress. Among the population with mental and physical blocks, it’s another year of taking complete precautions. Luckily, the process of medical marijuana cards has shifted to online realms. So, you can now get a card without stepping out. All you need is a smartphone or laptop with the internet to get connected with medical marijuana doctors. Since doctors won’t be seeing patients in a physical setting, it’s a good idea to have online facilities to help patients. Within the easily available guides, you can find out a strategy or method to grow in-house plants for regular use.