Cannabis Friendly Weddings

All You Need to Learn About Cannabis Friendly Weddings

The wedding day is very special for any couple, and the day should be all about what they want. Whether it is the theme of the wedding, color scheme, or even involvement of cannabis. Cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states, and many people are looking to incorporate cannabis into their weddings. Recreational cannabis is now legal in 15 states, plus Washington D.C. If you just want to buy medical cannabis, you need to get a medical marijuana card San Diego. But recreational users can involve recreational cannabis in various events, such as weddings.

Cannabis friendly weddings are becoming a trend now as the stigma around the herb’s use is slowly diminishing. Cannabis is making its entry in various traditionally conservative events, like weddings. In legal states, a lot of couples are asking professional wedding planners to plan cannabis-friendly weddings for them. If you want to learn more about how cannabis-friendly weddings are planned, keep reading. In this article, we are going to learn about certain things that you should keep in mind when planning a cannabis-friendly wedding. So, let’s get into it.

Location For The Wedding

If you are thinking of having a cannabis-friendly wedding, ensure that recreational cannabis is legal in the state. The location you select for the wedding should be in a state where recreational is legal. This is important because most legal states only allow medical cannabis.

If you’re marrying in a legal state, then you need to find a venue that allows you to incorporate cannabis. Just because you live in a legal state that doesn’t mean every venue will allow the use of cannabis. You must share your plans for having a cannabis-friendly wedding with the venue and be honest about it. Also, share how you are planning to serve cannabis to your guests. And don’t forget to get all the specifics you discussed with the venue in writing after establishing the terms

Consider The Methods of Consuming Cannabis

When it comes to consuming cannabis at weddings, most people go for vaping rather than just smoking joints. This also takes away some stigma associated with smoking cannabis. Also, there will be no smell or dense clouds that are usually associated with smoking joints.

And if you are looking for even more subtle ways than vaping, you can go for edibles. Some people just don’t want anything resembling the act of smoking. If you are one of them, edibles can be a great option for you. This method of consuming cannabis is very discreet. So, if you consume it, no one else is going to learn about it. However, when it comes to edibles, you need to pay attention to the dosage. Let your guests get familiar with the dosage of the treats you are offering. There can be many guests who may not have consumed cannabis before and want to try it for the first time. So, it is important for you to offer them treats that are infused with low levels of THC. Try to make it easy for everyone to consume mindfully.

Get Creative With Edibles

As we read above, cannabis-infused edibles are one of the best ways to consume cannabis at a wedding. You can even include some cannabis-infused food on the menu for guests. And I’m not talking about just getting high by pairing wine and cannabis. You can take the help of some specific cannabis strains and enhance the flavor of food, craft beer, and wine. Not just this, you can even add some special cannabis-infused elixir on the menu. In addition to this, try integrating cannabis into your dessert bar.

A Cannabis Bar in The Corner

If the venue does not allow you to smoke or vape cannabis openly, you can place the cannabis-bar in the corner. You can make this corner away from the main area. This is especially helpful if there are some underage kids at the party as well. You wouldn’t want to incorporate cannabis into the wedding openly if there are kids around. This cannabis bar in the corner can work out as an adult hangout room. Guests who want to smoke up can go to this private spot.