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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Vaping

Cannabis vaping has gained popularity in recent years. It’s a process of heating cannabis flowers, extracts or concentrates using a vape pen and inhaling the vapors to receive medicinal effects. There’s a wide range of vaporizers available to meet consumers’ needs. And, vaporization is considered as a discreet method of marijuana consumption.

In vaping, the substance isn’t burned, thus it doesn’t produce the same byproducts as smoking. So, can it be used as a safer alternative to smoking? Do you need a medical marijuana card San Diego to vape cannabis legally? How exactly vaporization works? Read on to get answers to these questions.

How Vaping Works?

Vaping is a smokeless method of delivering cannabinoids in the bloodstream. It involves heating marijuana at a much lower temperature, thus extracting the chemical compounds and terpenes and inhaling them in the form of vapors through the mouthpiece.

Depending on the type of vaporizer you have, you can use cannabis flowers or concentrates.

Marijuana’s cannabinoids start vaporizing at 284F while combustion occurs at around 446F. Additionally, in vaping, you can easily set the temperature to control the rate of release of cannabinoids. This helps you to receive the required health benefits.

Vaporizers use conductive or convective heating to produce vapors containing cannabinoids for inhalation. In conductive heating, cannabis is placed on an electronically heated surface usually made of metal. However, the convective heating elements are made of ceramic or steel.

The Amazing Benefits of Vaping

Reduces The Inhalation of Carcinogens

Carcinogens are mostly related to cigarette smoke. These are cancer-causing toxins, which are inhaled with the smoke.

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Medical experts believe that vaping can reduce the risks of inhaling carcinogens. A study published in 2007 shows that blood levels of CO2 were lower in participants who vaped than those who smoked cannabis.

Better Taste

In cannabis consumption, it’s not about getting high, taste also matters. The terpenes present in marijuana smell and taste great. Since cannabis is heated at a low temperature in vaporization, thus terpenes can add some flavor. In modern vaporizers, you can find a temperature setting feature, thus adjusting the heat to get the desired taste.

Better Medicinal Effects

Vaping allows you to receive better therapeutic effects, thus managing your symptoms effectively. A study by MAPS and California NORML reported that in vaping, about 46 percent of THC is converted into vapors while smoking could convert only 25 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Moreover, when smoking joints, a large portion of active chemical compounds is wasted in puff and pass activities. On the other hand, vaping occurs at a low temperature, thus it can help preserve THC and other compounds.


Due to the small size, vape pens are more convenient, especially when traveling. A vaporizer can easily fit in a handy bag. Additionally, with vape pens, you need not worry about any marijuana-related odor. It resembles a pen, so you don’t require any additional accessories to have a vaping experience.

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

One of the major advantages of vaping is that it doesn’t produce cannabis-based toxins as smoking does. So, vaping reduces the risks of certain health risks.

However, vape pens use cannabis filled cartridges, which are heated to produce vapors. This means, consumers are taking in concentrated contaminants and carcinogens, which reach the bloodstream directly.

In concentrates and cartridges, there are some additives or thinning agents, which are turned into carcinogens when heated.

Moreover, there is some evidence that diacetyl used in vape can cause lung problems, thus leading to thickening of air sacs and inflammation.

In addition to diacetyl, substances such as vitamin E acetate or propylene glycol can cause irritation in the lungs.

Other risks associated with vaping are-

  • Nicotine is highly addictive and may affect the brain development process. Thus, it’s not safe to use for teens and adults.
  • Some toxins produced when vaping can increase the risks of cancer.
  • Defective batteries in vaporizers can result in explosions or burns.
  • Vaping isn’t good during the pregnancy—it can harm the baby.

Cannabis Vaping Tips For Beginners

Learn About Different Types of Vaporizers

There are various types of vaporizers available in the market. The three main ones are—tabletop vape, dry herb vaporizers, and concentrates/oils vaporizers. Each vaporizer has its own advantages. For example, dry herb vaporizers are easy to use and are available in different varieties. They heat cannabis to generate vapors without carbonization. Some vaporizers come with a temperature control feature.

Choose The Right Material For Vaping

Since you can vape cannabis flowers, concentrates, and oils, it’s up to you to choose the material for vaping. Don’t just pick anything. Read the vaping guidelines for your particular vaporizer.

However, you should do comprehensive research on different vaping materials. And, make sure you buy concentrates, flowers, etc. from a reputed online store.

Check Dosage

Cannabis vaping works differently from smoking. Depending on marijuana form and how long do you need medicinal effects, you can choose the right dose.

Oils and concentrates provide strong effects, which usually don’t last for a long time. So, they might not be right for pain and anxiety relief. However, the effectiveness and length of medicinal effects depend on the amount of THC and CBD present in concentrates/oils. It’s important to check the label carefully when buying cannabis products for vaping.

Take Good Care of Your Vaporizer

It’s necessary to take proper care of your vaping device. If you don’t properly maintain it, you will end up having a bad vaping experience.

However, you should clean your vaporizer regularly for cleaner consumption and have an amazing vaping experience. 

How to Access Medical Marijuana Legally?

Currently, cannabis is legal for medical purposes in 33 US states. And, marijuana products such as concentrates, oils, flowers, etc. are available at medical dispensaries. But, only patients who have valid MMJ cards can access these dispensaries.

With telemedicine, you can apply for your medical marijuana card San Diego from home. The complete process takes less than 10 minutes and it involves three simple steps-

  • Sign up an account
  • Talk to a licensed doctor through HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Receive an MMJ rec letter via email

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Key Takeaways

Vaping is one of the easiest methods of cannabis consumption for health benefits. In this, marijuana is heated at a low temperature by a vape pen, thus generating vapors, which can be inhaled for immediate effects.

Since cannabis isn’t heated at a high temperature, vaping is quite safe as compared to smoking. However, vaping still causes certain health risks.

However, there’s a wide range of vaporizers available in different designs and shapes. Depending on whether you want to consume cannabis flowers or concentrates/oils, you can get a perfect vape pen.

Talk to a licensed doctor to get your medical marijuana card San Diego today.