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How to Properly Store Marijuana to Preserve Its Freshness

Marijuana provides lots of health benefits such as anxiety relief, pain management, boosted sleep, etc. You can apply for 420 evaluations San Diego to access the herb legally. State-licensed dispensaries ensure you high-quality flowers. However, it’s important to note that the quality of marijuana degrades if you don’t preserve it properly?

So, what are the major factors that degrade cannabis over time? How to store cannabis? How to keep your medicine fresh? Read on to learn more.

Major Factors That Influence Degradation of Cannabis

Marijuana is perishable. Over time, its quality degrades. So, the green, fresh cannabis flowers you get from a local dispensary today may lose their pungent aromas and potency in a few days or weeks. Of course, the law of degradation applies to marijuana as other harvested crops.

When marijuana is harvested, it starts to degrade. This is because the harvested cannabis is no longer a part of the plant and receiving nutrients from the roots. Moreover, the cannabinoid biosynthetic pathways change. Chemical compounds and terpenes synthesize into other cannabinoids. For instance, a high temperature can decarboxylate THCA can decarboxylate, thus turning into THC, a psychoactive compound. In other words, the temperature is a degrading factor.

 The ideal temperature to store your cannabis is 70 degrees F, or 21 degrees C .

Anything more than that will lead to bacterial and mold growth. However, at a low temperature, marijuana flavor and aroma change. If the temperature is extremely high, THCA will convert into THC and then degrade to CBN.

Moreover, humidity plays an important role in the cannabis degradation process. The optimal relative humidity to prevent your marijuana from adverse degradation is 59-63 percent. If your cannabis contains high amounts of moisture, it will lead to mold growth, and also ammoniated flavors.

Other factors are airflow and UV light. High exposure to light and oxygen will accelerate the process of cannabis degradation. The harmful ultraviolet rays can break down organic compounds rapidly. Thus, it’s important to maintain optimal levels of oxygen and humidity when curing marijuana.

Quick Cannabis Storage Tips

No Plastic Bags

Storing cannabis in plastic bags isn’t right. It may affect the potency and taste of the buds. Moreover, the baggies can’t hold the odor of cannabis.

However, you can use plastic bags for the short term, but not extended periods of time. For instance, you can store cannabis in the baggies when traveling. 

Invest in Airtight Glass Containers

Using airtight glass containers is one of the best, cost-effective options to store cannabis to preserve its freshness. Don’t confuse these containers with plastic airtight jars.

Glass containers are perfect for long-term storage. Additionally, they provide ultimate protection from external forces. The sealed container ensures protection from exposure to the air. Nothing can enter the container until you open it. Glass doesn’t change the flavor of the substance, thus you get what you put in it.

Store in a Cool & Dry Place

After putting your buds in airtight glass containers, the next step is to place it away from light and heat. Store in a cupboard, drawer or find a place that remains dark throughout the day. Remember, if your glass jar gets warm from the sun, it may sweat from inside, thus increasing the risks of mold.

However, you can use ultraviolet airtight glass containers, which are perfect for protecting cannabis from light. So, invest in these containers to prevent marijuana from heavy-lighting effects. Still, you need to take care of the temperature inside the jars.

Use Humidity Packs

If you want your buds to stay fresh for months, you can introduce humidity packs to the airtight containers. You can find a wide range of packs with different humidity levels. If your flowers are too dry, they need higher relative humidity to preserve the quality.

By maintaining proper humidity levels, you can keep your marijuana buds fresh for every smoke. 

Freeze The Buds

You can freeze the buds to preserve their potency for years. Remember,  before freezing, dry your buds completely and store them for at least 28 days. This method works well if you have a lot of buds, and you want to preserve them for many years. 

However, you should avoid handling frozen buds. This is because the trichomes can easily break at a freezing temperature. So, keep the buds for some time to come to room temperature, and then handle them carefully.

Use Parchment Papers

For long-term storage, it’s necessary to reduce the damage. And, parchment papers can help you in this. Simply wrap the buds in the papers, and put inside the glass containers. The time taken by the external force to reach the buds will increase, thus minimizing the chances of break down.

Advice to Cannabis Users

  • Before putting buds for long-term storage, make sure they are cured for at least 4 weeks.
  • Dry out buds completely otherwise jars will sweat during the curing process. If there’s moisture in your buds, it means they aren’t ready for storage. Aim at 55-63 percent relative humidity.
  • Store buds away from the light because the harmful UV rays may affect the potency.
  • Don’t expose buds to high temperatures. Avoid placing the storage containers near the stove or electric appliances. The ideal temperature for storing cannabis is 60-70F degrees.
  • Avoid storing cannabis in plastic or metal containers. However, you can use these materials for short-term storage, not for long-term.

Access Cannabis Legally

Medical marijuana is legal in more than 30 US states including California. To buy, possess, and use cannabis products, you require a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendations.

With telemedicine technology, you can apply for 420 evaluations San Diego online. So, avoid extra hassle and get your MMJ rec letter within a few minutes. Here’s the complete process-

  • Sign up an account
  • Talk to a licensed doctor online through HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Receive your PDF rec letter in the email instantly

By getting a medical marijuana grower’s license, you can grow your own cannabis plants at home. This helps you to produce high-quality, customized marijuana products for managing your symptoms completely. Talk to a licensed doctor to get your grower’s license.

The Takeaway

Cannabis is effective in managing symptoms of various conditions. It’s important to note that cannabis flowers degrade over time. To preserve their flavor, taste, and medicinal properties, you need to store them properly. Temperature, humidity, and air are some of the major cannabis degradation factors. It’s recommended to store marijuana buds in airtight glass containers. Avoid using plastic bags, which may affect the buds’ potency and taste. Store the containers in a cool, dry place to keep them fresh. Don’t expose buds to high temperatures. Maintain temperature 60-70F degrees and relative humidity 59-63 percent.

Apply for 420 evaluations San Diego to access marijuana legally.