5 Ways Cannabis Help You Get Toned

5 Ways Cannabis Help You Get Toned

You might not agree with the title and take it as a joke. But no, we are not kidding. There is indeed a definite link between your favorite herb and hitting the gym. And the most aspect of it is very positive. Although, it’s not a pick-me-up, but it can enhance your fitness in ways you never think of. It allows your body to grow leaner, train harder, and heal faster. 

When you exercise, your body produces endocannabinoids. These get increased and enhanced with cannabinoids in cannabis. This is because the CBD and THC both bind to the same receptors in our endocannabinoid system. 420 Evaluations San Diego doctors took a more in-depth look in this regard. Read on to know the five positive effects of cannabis for shaping yourself.  

Leads You To New Personal Bests 

As said above, when you exercise, endorphins are released, and that increases your pain threshold. As a result, your body decreases the perception of the efforts of allowing yourself to push harder. Marijuana can help you here. It dulls the perception of pain slightly so that you can pass through your limits. And we all know, going a little beyond our perceived limit leads to gains and new personal bests. 

Helps You To Warm Up and Getting Flexible

For flexibility and ease of motion, you require to loosen your muscles. If stretching and breathing aren’t enough for this, cannabis can do wonders. Combine marijuana intake with yoga for better results. Cannabis relaxes your mind while yoga provides flexibility to your body. 

Gives You Athlete-Like Focus

Cannabis users are aware of the intense focus it provides. It might be alarming to new users, but if you use for something physical like heavyweight lifting and long-distance running – the results are utmost satisfying. Many pro athletes take the help of psychologists to stay in focus amid a competition. But if they try a little cannabis, it can help them reach that state of their own. 

Cannabis Sustain Longer Workouts

Cannabis users exercise much more than you think. It is a mildly performance-enhancing product for workouts. It serves as a bronchodilator and helps an athlete take in more air, which is then delivered to oxygen-depleted blood to reach out to the muscles. The more the air reaches the muscles, the longer is the endurance of physical activity. 

Gets You Recover Faster For Your Next Workout Session

Muscle relax, and recovery is an essential part of your physical health and building muscles. Also, it helps you restore energy for the next session. Cannabis help ease the recovery of muscle tissues at a faster pace. CBD in cannabis lowes the inflammation in your sore muscles, and its THC content aids in refueling and sleeping, which are very critical for recovery. 

Moreover, other drugs like Ibuprofen that people consume for boosting their body belongs to a family of medications called NSAIDs. These medications can have a severe effect on kidneys if taken regularly and during sports. These toxic effects of NSAID drugs are the 15th most common cause of death in the United States. On the other hand, using CBD as a recovery tool is a much more tamed approach, and has far fewer side-effects.

Last Words

Now, as you are much aware of the benefits of cannabis in shaping yourself, its time to drop the stereotype of the lazy, and unmotivated stoner. Honor the fact that many are already living a healthy and active life with cannabis, and you could be the next!