Is Medical Marijuana’s Popularity Covering up Weak Scientific Evidence?

Every article, blog, advertisement, and even print media is covering reports about medical marijuana. Be it emphasizing its health benefits or highlighting the ongoing medical marijuana trends. The change came into effect after the approval of a CBD-based drug, Epidiolex by the USFDA.

And almost every article is emphasizing on the medical benefits of medical marijuana and its splendid therapeutic efficacy. For instance, here are some of the trending topics taking rounds across the internet.

USA Today- “Edibles 101: Everything You Need to Know About Eating Cannabis Safely”

Washington Post- “The Cannabis Market is Looking Up, Even if Cannabis Stocks Aren’t”

San Francisco Chronicle – “LIVE updates: Cannabis prohibition ends in California”

New York Times- “Do We Really Want a Microsoft of Marijuana?”

Likewise, a lot of other portals are creating consistent content regarding different aspects of medical marijuana. Some are saying that medical marijuana is a wonder drug. While others are speaking negatively about its health effects. But, the question of interest is “ Who is right?”

We understand that medical marijuana definitely has a lot of potential when it comes to relieving symptoms like nausea, vomiting, pain, inflammation, seizures, and other symptoms. But, marketing it as a cancer treatment or as an aid in Parkinson’s patients seems a bit vague for now.

But, why is that?

Cannabis Market is Trying to Make Billions With Less or Incomplete Information

Cannabis Market is Trying to Make Billions

You must be thinking about whether or not choosing medical marijuana strains will be beneficial for you. Or whether it has any medicinal benefits as mentioned in millions on articles published online.

Hang on!!
Don’t worry.

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Medical marijuana will definitely help you reduce your symptoms or manage your medical condition. But, is that possible for everyone as a whole is still under research. Also, because federal agencies classify weed as a Schedule 1 drug. That makes any clinical trial on the subject of a criminal offense. Especially, if the details are not shared with the recognized state agencies before starting any such projects.

And, this does not end here. If cannabis was not enough, marketers started cashing on the name of CBD “the non-intoxicating component” of medical cannabis.

CBD: Wonder Drug of Recent Times

People are going crazy over this molecule. Not only people but manufacturers are busy finding different CBD products to lure customers into the world of medical marijuana. Also, because hemp CBD is legal all over the 50 states. Making it one of the most desirable products of all time.

Whether it can do any good or not, CBD is the “hottest” topic of the market. Especially, the ones with mental health issues. But, the evidence supporting the same is still under the radar.

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To Conclude

We are not saying that medical marijuana is not helpful in relieving your symptoms. We are just emphasizing on the fact that everybody is different. And because research or clinical trials are not available. It is impossible to know whether or not it will work in your favor or not.

Precisely why you should always consult a medical marijuana doctor, instead of doing any self-medication. Are you also looking for “medical marijuana card renewal San Diego”? Try finding a doctor first, not the dispensary.

What You Need To Learn Before Going For Medical Marijuana Recommendations Online?

Thinking how to talk to a physician regarding medical marijuana recommendations online?

From chronic pain to seizures, nerve pain to nausea and anxiety. Medical marijuana seems to be a possible treatment therapy for a growing number of medical conditions.

  • Do you suffer from an acute or chronic condition?
  • Are your medications not working anymore?
  • Are you still findings ways to get relief from the annoying symptoms?

I am sure using medical marijuana as an option would definitely have crossed your mind. 

There is nothing to feel shy about. We understand there is a stigma attached to this particular option. But, there are many states opting to make it accessible for their people.  

So, if your medications are not helping you to get any type of relief. Here is what you need to learn about medical marijuana before opting for medical marijuana recommendations online.

  • Not Every Strain Produces Same Effects 

Medical marijuana is a plant with thousands of different strains out there. Because of the difference in the concentrations of cannabinoids. 

And, cannabinoids are precisely the molecules that matter when it comes to medical marijuana. Two primary cannabinoids that have taken the center stage include- THC and CBD. 

Some medical conditions benefit from THC while others require a higher concentration of CBD for attaining the desired relief. There are patients who are in need of strains with equal amounts of THC and CBD. 

So, strains differ in every single case. You can ask a budtender or read some articles online for understanding the difference. 

  • Single Plant Multiple Health Benefits

Single Plant Multiple Health Benefits

The medical benefits of cannabis are not limited as anxiety or pain reliever. Medical marijuana has potent therapeutic potency for a range of other medical conditions such as-

  • Migraines
  • Epilepsy
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Nausea
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  •  Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Autism

Keep in mind that different states allow medical marijuana recommendations online only for a certain class of medical conditions. 

Still, a doctor can make the final call whether or not your condition needs medical cannabis therapy. 

  • Smoking Is Not The Only Consumption Method

There are a lot of patients who always take a backseat as they don’t wish to indulge in smoking. But, there are many forms of medical cannabis available in the market.

  • Vaporizers
  • Edibles
  • Sublingual
  • Topicals

You can choose any of the above methods as per the requirement of your medical conditions. 

Be well informed about the positives and negatives of taking any of the forms and decide accordingly. 

  • No Prescriptions Only Recommendations

If you are qualified for using medical cannabis as a medical aid. Then, all you need is talk to a physician. They will provide you with valid mmj recommendations. 

This is because the plant is still illegal at a federal level. So, officially you cannot prescribe it. The only thing that you can go for is — 420 Evaluations California San Diego.

Once these queries are settled. You need to move ahead and talk to a suitable physician for recommending you medical cannabis. 

Here Is How You Can Start A Conversation

  • You can talk it out with your doctor by sharing experiences of someone you know who are taking medical cannabis as an aid. 
  • It’s all about transparency. Share each and every detail concerning your medical condition. Or else it might decrease your chances of improving your medical condition.
  • Don’t assume that doctors have all the medical cannabis updates. You can have an idea about their knowledge by enquiring about their educations programs and workshops.

Also, not everyone is well-versed with the endocannabinoid system and its effects on the human body. 

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So, do your homework right before consulting any doctor for medical marijuana recommendations online. 

Talking to a physician might seem challenging to a lot of patients. So, for them, telemedicine is one of the best ways to reach cannabis specialists over a video call. 

Understand the risks involved and choose your preferences wisely.