Medical Marijuana For Relieving Arthritis Symptoms- Is it Helpful?

Arthritis is the most common type of disability with approximately 350 million patients around the world. While some might think it is an elderly disorder. It would be a surprise that more than two-thirds of people with arthritis are under the age of 65. And it is not something which stops at aches or pains. That’s why people are looking for cannabis recommendations San Diego for alleviating their respective symptoms. 

But before we dive deep into the mechanism of action, let’s understand a bit about this condition. 


Arthritis is not a single disease. However, it constitutes different types of arthritis and their related conditions. 


Research reviews reported that the following reasons may increase the chances of getting arthritis.

  • Genetic factors 

This often occurs in a specific form of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Excess weight

Those with extra weight have the disadvantage of forcing the joints to work harder than usual. Thus, can lead to arthritis. 

  • Injuries

Some injuries can cause damage to joints that can lead to specific forms of arthritis.

Will Medical Marijuana Be Beneficial For Arthritis?

Medical Marijuana Be Beneficial For Arthritis

Cannabis has over 100 different cannabinoids. However, THC and CBD are the two most focused and researched cannabinoids. Researchers believe THC and CBD work synergistically. 

Thereby, providing potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity in addition to antioxidant, muscle relaxant, and neuroprotectant properties. 

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Therapeutic Benefits of Medical Marijuana

  • Soothes the pain 

A study reported that marijuana reduces pain and helps increase functionality. Even medical cannabis specialists confirmed that cannabis targets cannabinoid receptors. Thus, it helps in providing pain relief to arthritic patients. 

  • Reduces Inflammation 

Cannabis reduces inflammation by activating CB2 receptor pathways THC can help balance the overactive immune system and CBD with its antiproliferative activity suppresses the activated immune cells from spreading. Thus eventually reducing any type of inflammation. 

Along with that, the antioxidant effect of both the cannabinoids also helps in reducing the inflammation and pain. This happens when there is an increase in the amount of oxidative stress on the body. 

  • Reduces Opioid Dependency 

Medical cannabis helps patients wean off the potential side effects of conventional opioid drugs. 

  • Acts as an Appetite Booster 

Cannabis also helps in stimulating the appetite. Thus encourages the body to nourish itself to fight the disease.

Best Marijuana Strains For Relieving Arthritic Symptoms

Experts recommend a lot of medical marijuana strains for alleviating symptoms associated with Arthritis. 

  • The Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain

This strain has amazing high THC content that produces powerful pain relief.

  • The Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

This strain greatly helps to manage pain and inflammation. It has a low THC, high CBD content. Thus produces a temporary euphoric effect. That helps in relieving arthritis symptoms effectively.

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  • The Famous ACDC Cannabis Strain

It’s an ultimate powerhouse strain that blows the pain away. It stands out for its low THC, high CBD ratio providing its patients with immediate pain relief.

  • The Harlequin Marijuana Strain

It is a super-effective strain for treating conditions such as arthritic pain.

  • The Canna Tsu Cannabis Strain

It is a popular strain to fight inflammation. It helps you to focus on other things apart from the pain associated with arthritis.


In the U.S., when the situation of an opioid epidemic is increasing tremendously. Choosing medical cannabis as an alternative medicare option is a breakthrough in recent times. 

It will help patients easing off their pain and reducing inflammation while reducing the dependence of the use of pain-relieving drugs which have serious side effects. However, you will need a medical marijuana card San Diego to access thousands of cannabis strains for your medical condition.

Say No To Life Stressors With A White Widow Strain

White buds with crystal resin, created in the year 1994 and one of the best medical marijuana strains. 

Do you have any idea about the strain that we are talking about here?

We are talking about the famous “White Widow” cannabis strain.

The World Health Organization also acknowledges the fact that excess resin in this strain makes it more potent than any other strain available. In fact this strain is something that people can’t stop talking about.

But, Why Such Hype?

White Widow

Simply because this trichome-laden strain is making all the consumers go crazy with its incredible “feel-good” properties along with potent medicinal highs. 

Making it famous among both recreational and medicinal users. 

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About The Strain

White widow is one of the finest strains that comes with a right balance between THC and CBD profile. In this case, it is 60% indica and 40% sativa. 

Plus, the routine production of resin gives this strain a continuous supply of THC (approx. 20-25%). Thus, making it a perfect solution because of its incredible medicinal benefits. 

About The Aroma and Flavor

Anyone who consumes this strain describe its aroma is pretty much dynamic. So, eating under wraps is the best thing you can do with this strain type.

So, whenever you consume this strain, make sure to use air freshener around, as the smell can actually kill the air around you.

Medicinal Benefits of White Widow Strain

If you are looking to ward off your medical worries, then you must have an  online medical card San Diego, to obtain the strain from any licensed cannabis dispensary. 

Once you have that handy, you can use this strain to alleviate a variety of medical conditions. Here are a few examples of conditions that can benefit from using White widow strain as a medicinal aid. 

So, how does it help you with your medical condition?

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  • Acts Like A Feel-Good Strain

For those dealing with any kind of psychological condition, even a small or average dose will be beneficial to obtain the desired medicinal benefits. 

It leaves the users with a sense of happiness. Thus, making them relaxed. An excellent choice of strains for social use. Plus, this strain provides the famous psychedelic high. 

If you don’t have any issues with the high or euphoric effects, then this strain must be on the top of your list of cannabis strains. 

But, know your limits. 

  • Alleviates Chronic Pain

For those dealing with any medical condition associated with painful symptoms. This strain will be life savior. 

A study published in the Journal of Headache and Pain confirmed that this strain is helpful in reducing pain as a symptom of a variety of conditions. 

In the end, White widow strain hits you hard and that too for a longer duration (around 1.5 to 2 hours). So, make sure you are in the right environment or else you might get yourself into trouble.

Also, you must have a medical cannabis card in San Diego to access this incredible strain for your medical condition.

However, it has some drawbacks as well. Not everyone can consume this strain. Wish to know more? Drop us a message below.