Why Is Bioavailability a Critical Factor For Medical Cannabis Consumption?

More than 140 million people across the globe are consuming medical cannabis. Be it for recreational or medicinal purposes. 

But, what’s the use of consuming cannabis recklessly, when you don’t have any idea what’s staying inside you?

Before moving ahead, let’s understand the term “bioavailability” a little more. 


Bioavailability is the content or concentration of any medication or substance that is available to the target tissue. Doctors and other researchers confirm that any intravenous dose is 100% bioavailable. 

So, bioavailability is like a percentage of dose that your body gets when compared to an injected dose. 


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How Does this Term Link to Medical Cannabis Consumption?

Imagine, you have consumed medical cannabis and are waiting for its effects to finally start acting. But, somehow nothing is working out. What will you think?

Either the medical cannabis strain is low-quality or you need to consume more for it to show any effects on your mind or body.

There can be multiple number of reasons. But, one of the primary reasons for the same is that your ingredient is not reaching the target area or location. 

Plus, different strains contain varying amounts of THC or CBD. So, effects are bound to be different.

And, above all, the results will also differ if you are taking it via different methods. But, if you are a patient looking for therapeutic effects, then bioavailability is very important. 

As, high bioavailability means that you will require less dosage even for high potency. Also, higher bioavailability means that you are consuming high quality strains as well.

What is The Bioavailability of Different Consumption Methods?

Different Consumption Methods


There are many factors that will affect bioavailability of the cannabis using a roll-up. 

  1. Details
  2. Amount of weed in a pack
  3. Quality of the cannabis 

A study found that when you smoke cannabis, THC is approx. 30% bioavailable. So, potency is a bit lower when you smoke cannabis. But, because it reaches the blood-brain barrier relatively quickly. 

So, you can feel the effects instantly. 


Vaping also uses the respiratory route to absorb cannabinoids. A 2016 study confirmed that vaping can provide approx. 50-80% of THC or CBD. 

But, it definitely depends on the type of vaporizer and strain that you will be using. People believe that vaporizing is the best way to consume medical cannabis. 

Especially for patients who are looking for therapeutic benefits using medical cannabis. Plus, it is a much safer option as compared to smoking cannabis. 

Choose wisely.

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There are comparatively new in terms of their availability in the market. People are going crazy over these products.  Edibles come with CBD or THC infused into them. 

But, there is always a hit or miss with this type of consumption method. Sometimes, even a single bite makes you feel the effects. While for others, it’s more like, “going on and on”, and still no effects. 

But, the reason of such variations is difference in the metabolic activity in different individuals. As THC converts into 11-hydroxy THC which absorbs into the body. Although the stay is longer in edibles. But, the bioavailability is approx 4-20% only. 


It is trending nowadays as the health and wellness products. A few drops under the tongue and you experience effects within 20 minutes. 

And, bioavailability is impressive as it bypasses the liver metabolism entirely. Plus, you can use this option in complete discretion as well.


A lot of topical products surfaced the market such as infused creams, lotions, transdermal patches, and a lot more. Companies are even coming with skincare products infused with THC and CBD. 

The mode of delivery ensures no psychoactive effects at all. Hence, higher therapeutic outcomes without experiencing any kind of euphoria. 

In short, whatever method of consumption you choose, make sure it aligns well with your metabolism and medical condition perfectly. 

Down with the symptoms of your medical condition? 

Looking for the right cannabis consumption method?

You can consult medical marijuana doctors San Diego for detailed explanation regarding this subject. 

What You Need To Learn Before Going For Medical Marijuana Recommendations Online?

Thinking how to talk to a physician regarding medical marijuana recommendations online?

From chronic pain to seizures, nerve pain to nausea and anxiety. Medical marijuana seems to be a possible treatment therapy for a growing number of medical conditions.

  • Do you suffer from an acute or chronic condition?
  • Are your medications not working anymore?
  • Are you still findings ways to get relief from the annoying symptoms?

I am sure using medical marijuana as an option would definitely have crossed your mind. 

There is nothing to feel shy about. We understand there is a stigma attached to this particular option. But, there are many states opting to make it accessible for their people.  

So, if your medications are not helping you to get any type of relief. Here is what you need to learn about medical marijuana before opting for medical marijuana recommendations online.

  • Not Every Strain Produces Same Effects 

Medical marijuana is a plant with thousands of different strains out there. Because of the difference in the concentrations of cannabinoids. 

And, cannabinoids are precisely the molecules that matter when it comes to medical marijuana. Two primary cannabinoids that have taken the center stage include- THC and CBD. 

Some medical conditions benefit from THC while others require a higher concentration of CBD for attaining the desired relief. There are patients who are in need of strains with equal amounts of THC and CBD. 

So, strains differ in every single case. You can ask a budtender or read some articles online for understanding the difference. 

  • Single Plant Multiple Health Benefits

Single Plant Multiple Health Benefits

The medical benefits of cannabis are not limited as anxiety or pain reliever. Medical marijuana has potent therapeutic potency for a range of other medical conditions such as-

  • Migraines
  • Epilepsy
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Nausea
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  •  Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Autism

Keep in mind that different states allow medical marijuana recommendations online only for a certain class of medical conditions. 

Still, a doctor can make the final call whether or not your condition needs medical cannabis therapy. 

  • Smoking Is Not The Only Consumption Method

There are a lot of patients who always take a backseat as they don’t wish to indulge in smoking. But, there are many forms of medical cannabis available in the market.

  • Vaporizers
  • Edibles
  • Sublingual
  • Topicals

You can choose any of the above methods as per the requirement of your medical conditions. 

Be well informed about the positives and negatives of taking any of the forms and decide accordingly. 

  • No Prescriptions Only Recommendations

If you are qualified for using medical cannabis as a medical aid. Then, all you need is talk to a physician. They will provide you with valid mmj recommendations. 

This is because the plant is still illegal at a federal level. So, officially you cannot prescribe it. The only thing that you can go for is — 420 Evaluations California San Diego.

Once these queries are settled. You need to move ahead and talk to a suitable physician for recommending you medical cannabis. 

Here Is How You Can Start A Conversation

  • You can talk it out with your doctor by sharing experiences of someone you know who are taking medical cannabis as an aid. 
  • It’s all about transparency. Share each and every detail concerning your medical condition. Or else it might decrease your chances of improving your medical condition.
  • Don’t assume that doctors have all the medical cannabis updates. You can have an idea about their knowledge by enquiring about their educations programs and workshops.

Also, not everyone is well-versed with the endocannabinoid system and its effects on the human body. 

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So, do your homework right before consulting any doctor for medical marijuana recommendations online. 

Talking to a physician might seem challenging to a lot of patients. So, for them, telemedicine is one of the best ways to reach cannabis specialists over a video call. 

Understand the risks involved and choose your preferences wisely.

MMJ Doctor San Diego Suggests That Patients Are Turning To Cannabis For Help

MMJ Doctor San Diego consulting thousands of patients revealed that there is a steep rise in the demand for medical recommendations to manage a variety of medical conditions. 


Why is that?

Because medical cannabis seems to be a hero on every platform whether it is newspapers or digital media.

  • Medical cannabis alleviates chronic pain.
  • Medical marijuana is a wonder drug.
  • Medical marijuana is an effective alternative to conventional medical therapies.

But, is there any substance in such claims as well?

Or, are people just obsessed about this new-found remedy?

MMJ Doctor San Diego think otherwise. They confirm that patients are seeking the support of medical cannabis for a healthy lifestyle. 

Medical marijuana has definitely incredible therapeutic potential to maintain the necessary balance. 

But, it is still a Schedule 1 drug that makes it impossible for any organization to run a full-fledged clinical trial. 

However, various preclinical and anecdotal studies confirm that cannabis can be a life-savior for millions of patients living with debilitating medical conditions. 

Research Articles Supporting The Claims

  • A study featured in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs showed that more than 40% of patients using cannabis stopped taking any pharmaceutical drug. Or the use reduced to a minimum. 
  • Daniel Kruger at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research along with Jessica Kruger, clinical assistant professor at the University of Buffalo collected all the required data. 
  • They also mentioned that more than 75% of patients confirmed using cannabis as a part of their treatment plan. 
  • Most of the patients used cannabis for managing their back pain, chronic pain issues, depression, and headaches. Also, they want cannabis to be a part of mainstream healthcare without a delay. 
  • Another study confirmed that more than 90% of patients prefer cannabis over opioids for managing their pain. 

managing their pain

The stats clearly show that medical cannabis is helping patients get back into their lives. Plus, the chances of reducing opioid addiction cases is like an added benefit. 

But, is that all?

Definitely not.

Medical cannabis is not something which is immune to other adverse events. 

It has its drawbacks as well. 

For instance, the famous “euphoria”. 

Other than that there are some other potential harms as well.

  • Chronic use of medical cannabis might lead to potential neurocognitive problems. 
  • Consistent use of THC rich strains might cause psychosis in some patients who are already dealing with the issues of anxiety. 
  • Cannabis smoking over a long period might increase the risk of bronchial infections. 

The only way to limit such potential issues is going slow and low with cannabis. MMJ doctor San Diego suggest micro-dosing as the key to effective medicare therapy with cannabis. 

But, what do patients prefer when it comes to cannabis consumption?

A lot of studies confirmed that patients prefer mostly the following ways of consuming cannabis.

Smoking bud

  • Smoking bud or flower – 95%
  • Smoking concentrates or extracts -57%
  • Vaping bud/flower- 38%
  • Cannabis edibles – 65%
  • Topical lotion or cream- 19%

Most patients prefer arranging their medications from medical marijuana dispensaries.

And others found it directly from the growers. 

Medical marijuana doctors in California repeatedly are requesting to declassify this plant as a potential drug of abuse. This is the only way to decipher what’s in it.

And if those trials prove its worth. Then, it can actually lead to a medicinal boom in the entire world. 

Imagine how many patients can actually benefit from this plant.

Not tens, not hundreds, not even thousands, rather millions of patients across the globe. 

To summarize, medical cannabis definitely has a lot of followers. But, leaders need to understand the importance of medical cannabis in the lives of many. 

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MMJ doctor San Diego says that it’s high time agencies must give a green flag to the clinical research on this plant and look for the results.

If positive, there will be no harm in legalizing cannabis all over the nation.

Fair enough deal.

Don’t you think so?