Things to Consider Before Using Cannabis For Sleep

Are you suffering from a disturbed sleep cycle? Insomnia? Or lack of quality sleep? Whatever may be your cause of discomfort, medical cannabis can be the solution to your worries.

For a long time now, cannabis has acquired a high position in healthcare as a medical aid. It’s used for several reasons and sleep related issues are one of them. In fact, sleep is a very common reason for using medical cannabis in the United States. So this green herb can help our sleeping problems too. To find out if a cannabis treatment is a solution for your condition, reach out to an mmj doctor in San Diego. They will examine your condition and decide what to do next. In addition to connecting with a doctor, consider a few important points before taking any step to have a better idea about what you are getting into. 

Be Responsible

It’s important to be responsible when using cannabis. If you are careless, you can risk your safety as well as that of others. So before you begin using cannabis or even consider it as a treatment, make sure that you check the following boxes.

Get a Consultation

Cannabis can be an effective treatment only when used in the right way. And only a qualified doctor can tell you what is the right way for you. So don’t use cannabis as a treatment on your own. Consult a doctor, get a medical cannabis card and then start using cannabis for your sleep issues. 


Cannabis is still new and requires more research on its role as a medication. So for the sake of safety, you should learn about whatever is known about cannabis to date. You can start with the basic points.

Learn about how it works in the body. Its connection with the endocannabinoid system and the effects it can deliver. Dig into the ways in which cannabis is effective as a sleeping aid. This will help you to be prepared about what to expect. Also, if you are going for a consultation, learn how to talk to a doctor and the questions you must ask to get as much details as possible.


Every medication comes with a set of instructions about the correct and safe way of use. Cannabis is no different. While your doctor will guide you through most of the instructions that you must follow, it’s best to do some research on your own. For example, if you are a beginner, consume cannabis in a safe setting to avoid any risky situations. 

Find The Strain That Works For You

Cannabis contains several chemicals that render it its therapeutic properties for different medical conditions. But different conditions require different combinations of these chemicals. For example, for a sedative effect, you may need a strain with more THC content. But a high THC strain may not be the best choice for controlling your appetite. This is why you must figure out the strain that’s best for you.

What is a Cannabis strain? 

Cannabis does not exist as a single type. Through years of evolution and cross breeding, cannabis today has more than a thousand different varieties. These are called strains. Each of these types contain different levels and combinations of chemicals which make it suitable to deliver a particular effect. Depending on the end result you need, you must find the strain for your condition. It may take some trial and error but it’s worth it to find the best suited type for you. Here are a few strains that are effective for sleep and insomnia.

  • Grandaddy Purple
  • Purple Kush
  • Northern Lights
  • Tahoe OG Kush
  • God’s Gift

Choose a Delivery Method

The next step after choosing a strain is to find the right delivery method. Cannabis can be consumed in many ways but you must choose one according to your needs. Every delivery method works differently in the body and also delivers effects differently. So based on needs like whether you want a high or not, whether you want quick results or longer effects etc. you can choose a delivery method for yourself.

In the case of sleep, most people prefer smoking cannabis. Because smoking delivered the cannabinoids through the lungs and into the bloodstream in a matter of seconds. The quick results is what makes it the most preferred option. But people who don’t like smoking or need a much longer effect choose edibles. They may take longer to kick in but the effects are stronger and last longer too.

Besides smoking and edibles, you can also choose from other options like topicals, sublingual methods, vaping, transdermal patches etc. The choice, however, should be according to the effects your condition requires. 

Stick to A Low Dose

Every medication has to be used in moderation. This is why doctors recommend a specific dose according to the patient and their condition. The same protocol is followed with medical marijuana. However, pinpointing the correct dose for every patient may not be accurate.

The individual characteristics of people can affect the way cannabis works. But it may not be possible to determine how. So your marijuana doctor will recommend a safe dose to begin your microdosing. You can then move forward to slowly increase your dose as your tolerance builds and the effects you need to achieve. It will take time but trials are necessary to understand the dose that suits you.

In any case, do not overestimate the quantity of dose you need because overdosing with cannabis is possible. You may suffer from intolerable effects such as nausea, paranoia, anxiety and impaired reflexes. So instead of having a calming and sedative effect, you may not be able to sleep at all. This is why sticking to the dose recommended by your doctor is very important.

Consider All The Side Effects

Cannabis has side effects. That’s right. Among all the talk about cannabis being a sleeping aid, it’s crucial to learn cannabis can have side effects too. They may be mild or severe and vary from person to person. But they exist.

The most common side effects associated with using cannabis for sleep is grogginess. Depending on how much you consume and when, you may experience mild or severe grogginess the next day. Some patients also report that use of high THC strains can cause increase in appetite and other side effects like red eyes, dry mouth and euphoria.

In addition to this, cannabis can be addictive. If you consume cannabis, especially high THC strains for a long time, it may become difficult to discontinue the use. And in case you need to stop using it, you may experience mild or severe withdrawal symptoms (based on your tolerance). 


Cannabis should be consumed with precaution and responsibility. It is only when you take all the proper care that you may be able to achieve the effects you need. So along with getting in touch with an mmj doctor in San Dego, remember to go through all these points before using cannabis as your solution for proper sleep.