Medical Marijuana

5 Discreet Ways To Use Medical Marijuana

Among the millions of people who use cannabis for treating their medical condition, not all of them are comfortable with being open about it. Whether it’s due to the stigma that still lingers with cannabis or personal preference, people like their privacy. And considering the lack of knowledge about cannabis consumption methods that don’t involve smoke, it may seem difficult for people to be discreet with cannabis. But, that is not an impossibility. You can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without compromising your privacy in not just one but five different ways. And I’m going to discuss all of these ways here with you. Choose the one that you think will be suitable for your condition and lifestyle. But remember to consult your marijuana doctor in San Diego before giving it a try. If you use medical marijuana, professional supervision with each of these ways is important.


Edibles are one of the most common ways of cannabis consumption. The main reason behind their popularity is the wide variety they offer for the consumers. It suits many different preferences and taste palates. Edibles began with the typical brownies and cookies and now you can see shelves filled with popcorns, beef jerky, flavored gummies, chocolates, mints and many other varieties of ingestible products. Nowadays, you can also find beverages like lemonades and beer infused with cannabis. If such variety isn’t enough, you can always buy some cannabutter or cannaoil (or make the infusion at home) and turn any meal of the day into a delicious session.

Along with reaching out to a diverse audience, edibles are also a great way of being discreet. They are basically cannabis disguised as food. You can have an edible of your choice without standing out in a crowd. But one thing to be cautious about while using cannabis edibles is that they are more potent than any other delivery method. They will kick in later than a joint but when they do, it may be a stronger high. In that case, your discreetness will be ruined. So you must be very careful about your dosage. It’s best to follow what your doctor recommends and stick to it at all times to avoid any risky situations.

Raw Cannabis

Did you know that you can eat cannabis raw? That’s right. It’s one of the many ways of using cannabis. Raw cannabis is a storehouse of nutrients. From loads of fiber and amino acids to vitamins and minerals, you can find it all in this green herb. In addition to being a superfood, raw cannabis also delivers the benefits of cannabinoid acids and terpenes. So you get the goodness of nutrition as well as the advantage of therapeutic effects.

This method of consumption also allows you to be private about using cannabis. Use the leaves in your salad, roast the seeds for an evening snack or blend the herb into your favorite smoothie. You can take it with you and have it in your office cabin or while on the breakfast table with your family. And the best part is that raw cannabis is not intoxicating at all. So you can have your daily dose without any compromise on your privacy.

Raw cannabis is not advised for everyone. It can be a healthy part of your diet but may not be the right way of consumption to achieve symptomatic relief for your medical condition. It is very important that if you have a severe medical condition, you consult it at length with your marijuana doctor in San Diego.

Transdermal Patches

What do you think about a delivery method that will let you enjoy the therapeutic effects of cannabis throughout the day without being obvious? It’s not something you have to imagine. If discreetness is what you desire, you can get it with transdermal patches.

Recently, the cannabis industry developed cannabis infused transdermal patches. It looks like a band-aid and the application is similar too. Choose an area of your body with thin skin like the wrist, knees or lower abdomen. Apply the transdermal patch there like a band-aid and wait for it to work. It contains a very specific dose of CBD or THC that is slowly delivered into your body according to the principle of drug concentration gradient. It basically means that the cannabinoids flow from the place of high concentration to that of low concentration. In this case, it moves from the patch into your bloodstream. This process takes place gradually. So you can place a patch under your clothes and go about your day while experiencing the effects.

A transdermal patch is not intoxicating since it’s not delivering the dose all at once and the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream directly which subdues the high. So you get the discreetness you desire along with effectiveness.

Sublingual Strips

Among the many different delivery methods, many prefer to take the sublingual route. One of the common ways of sublingual methods is ‘sublingual strips’. These are small strips coated with small doses of cannabinoids (CBD or THC). You use them by placing one strip under your tongue. It dissolves within a few minutes and starts showing effects within 10 minutes. They offer a middle ground between smoking and edibles. Sublingual strips work just as instantly as a joint and deliver a longer effect similar to edibles.

The cannabinoids directly enter your bloodstream through the porous membrane under your tongue. It is what makes sublingual an effective way of consuming cannabis. It does not involve any smoke or combustion so you can be discreet with it. Just place a strip under your tongue and enjoy the benefits. You can carry them around easily without people staring or questioning you. There is also less risk of overdose with sublingual strips. Each of the strips is coated with about 5 to 10 milligrams of cannabinoids to avoid ruining the taste. So, dose control becomes easier and the risk of overdose also reduces.  

Smoking Without the Smell

If you are someone who prefers smoking to everything else but wants to get rid of the smoke and the smell that lingers, I can help you out. There are several ways to be discreet (to a certain extent at least) while smoking. Here are a few of them.

Clean Up After a Session

If you have a specific time for your daily cannabis dose, try to follow it up with a wash up. The smell of cannabis sticks to the hair, clothes and everything else that is around. So if you don’t want others to pint out the smell, just have a bath after you smoke up.

Have Good Ventilation in the Area

Make sure that the exhaust fan is on and the windows are open whenever you smoke in your room. Good ventilation prevents the smoke from sticking around and avoids the room to smell like cannabis. 

Mask the Smell

It’s the smell of cannabis that gives away your secret. So you can mask it with a scented candle, incense sticks or good perfumes. You also buy a pack of mints and chew on one after every session. It will reduce the smell of cannabis to a great extent.

Take your time to go through each of these ways to enjoy all the benefits of cannabis without any intrusion of privacy. Just remember to consult your doctor before you start with any method for your medical condition.