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The Top 4 Downsides of Cannabis Edibles

Edibles have become extremely popular in the cannabis world now. Given the effects and the variety they offer, a lot of cannabis users are preferring them over other methods. And for medical patients, in fact, edibles have already become one of the most popular choices of cannabis consumption.

But are cannabis edibles all bright and shiny always?

Well, the facts differ!

As per many of our patients, who already have an MMJ card San Diego, cannabis edibles may have several downsides at times. See, if you are applying for an MMJ card, you must understand that edibles are not for everyone. And as a responsible information provider, it’s our duty to warn you of its negatives too.

You might be already aware of how cannabis edibles might be beneficial for you. However, before you decide on trying them, you must also go through our list of some of the problems associated with cannabis edibles.

Edibles Can be Inconsistent

Inconsistency is perhaps one of the biggest problems one may face with cannabis edibles. And for this very reason, new MMJ users are often wary of them.

But why are edibles so unpredictable?

Well, one of the major reasons for this happening is the difficulty in dosing the edibles accurately. When you are preparing your edibles, it’s very difficult to accurately measure the amount of THC that you are using in your dish. And this may lead to varying effects with every set.

Additionally, if you don’t know the starting marijuana material you are using, it may also lead to inconsistency.

Thankfully, though, the marijuana industry is advancing at a good pace. While it may still not be possible at home, with better provisions for testing the products, edible manufacturers are now able to dose their products with a lot better accuracy. Also, manufacturers are trying to establish a steady and reliable supply of the starting material from cannabis suppliers to ensure repeated and consistent effects.

Edibles Can be Expensive

In the form of edibles, you can actually use a cannabis flower for more sessions than usual. Then why are edibles so costly?

Well, it’s not the cost of the material but the process of preparing them that makes them expensive. A cannabis edible producer doesn’t only need to buy cannabis from a supplier but also infuse it into the edibles. And then there is packaging and storing cost. All these steps make edibles as expensive as they are.

The preparation of cannabis edibles also requires expert hands and special techniques sometimes. Also, there’s a part of research and development to make a good quality end product.

Now, you can understand why edibles are so expensive.

Edibles May Taste Bad

This may be pretty subjective actually. But there are many marijuana consumers who don’t like the earthly taste and aroma of cannabis edibles. For them, even the slightest taste of the bud itself in their edibles is a turn-off.

Well, the reason for edibles having a strong touch of cannabis for some people is that they carry cannabis plant material. Edibles usually are infused with the whole cannabis plant. And here, the chlorophyll and other matter may make the edibles taste earthly.

Now, there are some edible products that you may try if you are not a big fan of cannabis aroma. Some producers try to refine the plant matter out during the process. You may try these products. But please note that even the finest refinements cannot completely eliminate the taste of cannabis from marijuana edibles.

Edibles May Cause Digestive or Other Health Issues

You perhaps have heard that cannabis causes an upset stomach or impacts the heart rate. While this isn’t the case every time, it’s not completely wrong. You may have to experience some uncomfortable effects. You should note, though, that we are not talking about just the effects due to overconsumption, which you perhaps already are aware of. Even generally, cannabis edibles may cause an upset stomach or a slight increase in the heart rate. But these effects are not in any way dangerous.

You should also note that people are sometimes allergic to cannabis too, or plants in general. And ingesting plant material may lead them to some discomfort.

We hope the above discussion sheds some light on how cannabis edibles may be problematic to you. So, if you were planning on giving them a try, you must keep the above things in mind. Keep in mind, though, cannabis edibles are not in any way dangerous. However, before consuming them, you must be aware of both the pros and cons.