Six Best Ways to Ingest Medical Marijuana

Many are now aware of the potential of this amazing plant, i.e., cannabis. Along with the euphoric feeling, it gives incredible health benefits. Marijuana affects the endocannabinoid system by connecting to the cell receptors and regulates various functions of our body such as motor skills, immune function, sleep and many more. To purchase cannabis products legally, you require a recommendation by a medical marijuana doctor in San Diego.

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Earlier, people had limited ingestion methods. But, due to innovation new ways of ingestion have come up. The new methods range from vaporizers to patches.

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Some methods operate slowly and give long effect whereas, some operate the fastest. But, before opting for the one you need to know various methods of ingestion and their effects.



Along with the fastest it is also the most popular method of using cannabis. You start feeling the effects of the cannabis within a few minutes. Further, there are several ways to smoke marijuana. Other methods of smoking include pipe, bong or joint. The chain reaction occurs quickly upon the inhalation and delivers the cannabinoids to your system. Effects are at peak within thirty minutes and diminish within 1-3 hours.



If you are looking for other methods of smoking cannabis than vaping is the best one. For vaping you require a vaporizer, this tool heats the cannabis rather than burn it. It is an efficient form of inhalation. You start feeling the effects of marijuana within seconds. Effects reach its peak before 30 minutes and fade away in a couple of hours. It is one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis.



Edibles have been popular in the US since the 1960’s. The cannabinoids in the edibles reach the cells by way of the liver. They come in various forms like sodas, snacks, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, and mints. Effects last for about 4-6 hours and in case of higher doses they can last for 24 hours. It is the most convenient form of ingesting cannabis.



These are available in a variety of cannabinoids formulations. They are absorbed sublingually and go directly to the bloodstream. The effect of alcohol-based tinctures is faster than edibles. Effects can be experienced within 20-30 minutes.



These have been used as cannabis-enriched lotions, balms salves for thousands of years. The cannabinoids get absorbed in the skin. Effects can be felt in five minutes to hours. Moreover, the effects last for 12 hours. They are ideal for localized pain and inflammation.



This is the highly potent form of cannabis also known as wax, honey oil, budder, butane honey oil and shatter. It contains 80 % of THC. In this small amount of marijuana, the concentrate is heated on the head of a titanium nail with a blowtorch and then inhaled. Effects can be felt immediately after inhalation. It last longer than other inhalation methods. It has great flavor and taste which medical marijuana patients love.

Each person body responds differently to different delivery methods and also CBD to THC ratios. So, choose wisely your delivery method under the guidance of your doctor. Our doctor’s can help to get your MMJ so that you can enjoy the dose of cannabis under your doctor’s supervision.