Oceanside Could Allow Growing Adult-Use Marijuana

Oceanside Could Allow Growing Adult-Use Marijuana

In California, marijuana is legal for both medical & recreational purposes. Since the year cannabis was legalized in the state, its marijuana market is booming. For medical users, it’s necessary to have MMJ cards signed by medical marijuana doctors San Diego.

Oceanside Could Allow Growing Adult-Use Marijuana

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The state is always putting efforts to make marijuana available for both medical and recreational users. Oceanside could be added in the list of cities in San Diego County to allow commercial cultivation of recreational marijuana.

This week, the Planning Commission of the city has voted unanimously, thus recommending City Council to permit residents to grow recreational marijuana. In 2018, an ordinance allowing commercial cultivation, testing, manufacture, and distribution of medical marijuana.

Commercial Cultivation of Recreational Marijuana in Oceanside

According to marijuana industry experts, medical cannabis is only 1/5th of the market. Thus, it’s quite difficult for growers to exclude growing recreational marijuana.

California has the world’s biggest legal marijuana market. Experts believe that the state is likely to set a record $3.1 billion in licensed marijuana sales this year.

“It’s not viable for cultivators to limit their business to medical only”, said Oceanside Planning Commissioner Robyn Goodkind said in a meeting held on Monday. Three members—Susan Custer, Tom Morrissey, and Curtis Busk were absent.

“There’s already a thriving black market in cannabis, so in order to fight that we need a safe, legal market. Appropriate regulation, including recreational uses, is the best way to control marijuana, “Commission Chairman Kyle Krahel said.

The medical marijuana market covers a small percentage of the market. Thus, medical cannabis cultivators’ business is limited to the small market. 

A city staff report states that expanding cultivation to include adult-use allows licensed growers to sell products to the entire state market, thus increasing profits and product viability.

As per federal regulations, marijuana in any form is illegal. Still, states like California have loosened rules for medical & recreational users to access the herb legally from licensed dispensaries. However, cities such as San Diego County have outlawed commercial cultivation and sales.

What About The Neighboring Cities?

Last year, voters in Vista approved an ordinance, which regulates up to 11 medical marijuana storefront retailers. The city doesn’t allow adult-use sales, marijuana cultivation, etc. To date, there are only two legal dispensaries opened in Vista.

In San Diego County, the cities that allow sales of recreational marijuana are—Chula Vista, San Diego, Imperial Beach, and La Mesa. The city of San Diego has permitted medical marijuana legalization two years ago. To date, 40 permits have been issued in the city.

The proposed amendment requires the City Council’s approval before it comes into effect. It would remove the city-issued medical marijuana restriction on grower licenses. Additionally, the city provides licenses for marijuana manufacturing and distribution.

There’s no business in Oceanside, which meets all the requirements to operate, said a city official.

Everyone has their own views about the new ordinance for allowing commercial cultivation of recreational marijuana. Some industry representatives say that it would be a nice move for both cultivators and consumers. While others say that it could increase medical cannabis consumption even among youngsters who should not consume it.

But, what happens tomorrow—it’s difficult to predict.

We hope for the best for cannabis consumers and business!

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