Virginia's New Cannabis Law

All You Need To Know About Virginia’s New Cannabis Law

Three new medical marijuana bills are introduced in your neighbourhood, Virginia and people who are waiting for their San Diego Growers License along with Virginians are pleased.

Well, let’s face it the marijuana lovers around the globe always celebrate any positive bill passed in favor of medical marijuana.

Recently many states in the United States of America have welcomed the usage of medical marijuana under the lights of medical studies.

These new laws came in effect a day ago from July 1st 2019. 

As per localities, bills are passed to help the patients to get easier access to medical marijuana.

The Practitioners and Products

CBD oils

So, these new bills of Senator Dunnavant, SB1557, will see patients getting therapeutic strengths in full swings.

Previously, since the state has opened its arms for the sale and legal purchase of medical marijuana, pharmaceutical processors were limited for CBD oils.

But now the dispensaries will be able to sell other medical marijuana-related stuff like tablets, suppositories, topicals and capsules too.

Nonetheless, the MMJ allowance rate amount still will be 10 milligrams of THC each. 

The senator of Virginia, Dunnavant who happens to be a doctor himself said, “… I Let Doctors Decide bill in 2018 allows doctors to make recommendations of medical cannabis to their patients, as they see fit.”

As per Senator Dunnavant, his goal is to expand the therapeutic value and the access to benefit the health of the Virginians.   

What is New?

What is new that will come out with this bill is that it will allow the nurses along with physician assistants who are registered with the Board of Pharmacy to issue the necessary written certificates for medical marijuana users.   

Another significant change that this bill will bring on is that patients who for various reasons won’t be able to drive to a dispensary to pick up their CBD will be able to send their representatives to buy some for them.

The representative claw is read under the bill SB1719. 

A Nod To The Schools Too

Virginia has just become the fourth state in the United States of America to order the schools to allow students with exceptional need to carry medical marijuana with them in the premises of schools.

This is not a very healthy or common sight to see when a state is allowing kids to carry around medical marijuana inside school buildings.

Most of the marijuana haters give the argument not to legalize marijuana even for the medical purpose because they want to keep it off the schools and kids.

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Many may argue in favor of this decision by the local government, and many may label it as a big mistake.

Nonetheless, the argument that the government of Virginia is giving at the moment is that they are allowing medical marijuana medicine inside schools just like any other medicine.

Government stand by the argument seems pretty clear that they do not want to see it as a drug but merely just like a medicine.


So, this is what there is to tell about the new bills that are passed by the state of Virginia for medical marijuana. 

People are celebrating this new amendment by the government, and people are sceptic that more states will make it as easy as medical marijuana San Diego, to access. 

As the new studies are progressing and discoveries regarding the benefits of medical marijuana are on the rise, possibilities are soon the whole of America will be able to see the brighter side of the things.