Grow Purple Cannabis Buds

Purple is The New Green: How To Grow Purple Cannabis Buds?

Green. That’s precisely the color which comes to mind whenever you talk about medical marijuana or cannabis. Surprisingly, you can find purple cannabis buds as well. Making purple one of the favorite colors of the nation.

Thinking that color is the only reason for its immense popularity? Not really. The primary reason behind its huge following is that people think these buds contain higher concentration of THC. Indicating its higher potency as compared to the green buds. Is that true? We will solve this mystery later in this article.


What Triggers Cannabis Buds to Change Their Color?

Cannabis buds have the ability to change their color from green to purple. It all depends on the environmental conditions they are grown in. For instance, such changes happen when you subject cannabis to cold temperatures.

Here is What Happens Next

When external environmental conditions trigger the breakdown of chlorophyll (one of the plant’s pigments that induces green color),  another pigment, anthocyanin takes over. This pigment is already available in the plant. But, when chlorophyll is present in plenty, its effects remain hidden.

The pigment starts functioning only when it replaces chlorophyll. And if you think, purple is the only color. That’s also not correct. In fact, the final tone or hue depends on the pigment’s pH level. The purple color usually takes into effect only its pH is neutral. Any changes in the pH might result in an array of colors such as red or blue.

This phenomena sparked curiosity among medical marijuana growers. They are experimenting on different conditions to make the necessary change. But, a lot of websites and articles are misleading growers by sharing wrong purple cannabis buds growing practices.

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The Correct Growing Technique

Growing Technique

Whatever be the reason for your inclination towards purple cannabis buds. Note that there are many instructions available online that might mislead you into doing something that is not recommended.

For instance, some sites ask growers to deprive their plants of oxygen or shock them with cold temperatures. Some even write about using food coloring. That is definitely another incorrect way of obtaining purple cannabis buds. Such practices will never work in your favor.

So, using the right approach will be the key to get good quality buds naturally with purple color.

Finding The Right Seeds

Certain seeds are available in the market whose genetic makeup allows them to turn into purple cannabis buds.  As these seeds have higher concentration of anthocyanin.

Finding The Right Time

Usually, chlorophyll breaks down during winters. That’s the best time for the color pigment to take over. So, make sure to provide the perfect temperature to induce purple color.

Precisely, you need to provide warm days and cool nights in order to get purple color. The temperature difference must be approximately 30 degrees. And when flowering stage starts, make sure the night temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius.

When given these appropriate conditions, you will find your buds slowly changing their color around 15 days before the harvest. Fascinating!! Isn’t it? You can also start growing purple cannabis buds for yourself with the help of medical marijuana growers license in San Diego.

Growing Tips

Experts recommend growing medical marijuana outdoors. As you can easily control the conditions with the right temperature. But, make sure the soil is suitable for growing medical marijuana strains.

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Are There Any Medicinal Benefits of Consuming Purple Cannabis Buds?

Many consumers believe that going for purple buds instead of the green ones will provide potent therapeutic benefits. Well, you can’t say that always. It might be true only in certain situations.

Pigmentation and therapeutic efficacy have no relation at all. However, there are some scientific evidence indicating its antioxidant, analgesic, and neuroprotective abilities. But, that’s certainly only a preliminary research. One needs more scientific intervention to confirm this data.

Now answering the question of whether purple cannabis buds contain higher THC concentration.

The answer is, NO.

So, next time you think of buying purple cannabis bud, don’t assume you will get higher THC concentration. It’s just a color with certain enhanced pain relieving properties.

What is your reason behind growing purple cannabis buds?