Grower License in San Diego

Grow Your Baby Cannabis Plants With A Grower License in San Diego

Grower license in San Diego? Is it a good idea?

Medical cannabis is a life manager that helps patients deal with their respective medical conditions.

But, sometimes reaching dispensaries on time for medication is not possible. So, growing cannabis is the best possible option in such a situation. It helps you keep a stock of your medicines handy.

As the season for the cannabis growing is approaching, you must follow specific requirements. This will help to make sure that you get vibrant and healthy marijuana plants.

In this article, we will focus on the major requirements that are essential for good quality cannabis plant growth.

Cannabis Growth Phases

Two significant phases occur during the life cycle of cannabis plant growth

  • Hardening– It helps to keep the plant from suffering a shock when moving from one environment to another.
  • Vegetative stage– It is the growth period between seedlings and mature plants before flowering.

What do you need?

To grow the best quality of cannabis using a grower license in San Diego, you will require :

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Transplanting Seedlings

Use moist growth medium (not soaked) by sprinkling leaves once or twice daily.

You can do transplanting when the roots are about 4-8 inches tall.

  • Without soil (hydroponic) growers, pH should be between 5.5-6.5.
  • With soil growers transplant seedlings into #1 through #5 plant container with one part (Pro-Mix) coco choir soil and another part with (Fox Farms) Ocean Forest Mix (a fine blend of earthworm castings, bat guano, fish meal, and crab meal).
  • You must maintain a pH of approximately 6.2-6.5 at all times.


When growing outdoors, start when it is feasible to provide 14 hours of light to maintain vegetative growth. The growing season might vary slightly with latitude.

When growing indoors with a grower license in San Diego, one can opt for LED systems. These have the advantage of low heat generation and high energy efficiency.

Examples of LED systems include Advanced Platinum, Galaxy Hydro, Kind LED, Apollo Horticulture and King

You can also opt for a lower watt High-Density Discharge Bulb (400watt-600watt & 1000 watt) like Gavita, Hortilux bulbs, and Value Brite hoods.

Make sure that you have over 12 hours of light on your plants or their hormones will begin to trigger the flowering phase.

Temperature and Humidity

For proper growth of the plant when grown outdoors, the temperature should not be less than 55F or more than 85F.

Caution: Excessive wind can damage cannabis seedlings while excessive moisture can encourage the growth of molds and mildews.

For indoor cannabis growing, first obtain grower’s license in San Diego, the temperature must be between 65F-85F with the difference, not more than 20 degrees. Maintain around 60% of humidity at all times.


For a good quality growth pattern, add nutrients gradually building up to maximum dosage over time.  

Usually,  calcium and magnesium, some seaweed extract, and a vegetative plant growth mix for marijuana growing.

Reputed nutrient companies that provide good quality feed are Botanicare, Advance Nutrients, and Fox Farms.

Caution: Be careful not to over water your plants. And avoid combining so many nutrients at a time. So, the plant loses its ability to uptake the additives.

So, obtaining grower license in San Diego will be helpful growin0g cannabis for your personal use and that too with extended grow limits.

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