medical marijuana card in San Diego

Factors you Should Consider While Choosing a Cannabis Dispensary

What do you do after getting a medical marijuana card in San Diego? You put it to use to buy your first stash. There are several cannabis dispensaries in San Diego but not all of them will suit your preferences. You need to narrow down your choices out of the ones that are available. So how do you make a choice? 

Well, begin by considering only those dispensaries that are registered and hold a license. After all, you cannot compromise with the source of your necessity. Proceed by answering each of the following questions to understand what factors you are looking for. It will also give you a better idea about which dispensary will work for you the best. 

Is it convenient for you?

Restocking of marijuana should never be a hassle. Most people don’t remember buying their dose until they look at the empty jar. But it shouldn’t put you in a state of panic. Neither should you feel that visiting a store is an energy, time and fuel consuming process. This is why people look for dispensaries that are closest to them to avoid inconvenience. So before you settle for a dispensary, make sure to find out if it is the nearest one to you. 

Secondly, don’t forget to have a look at the prices. Convenience also lies in the price point. Most dispensaries have their prices laid out online. Go through them and find one that falls in your budget. 

What delivery options do they serve? 

A fraction of people who use marijuana belong to the patient community. They need marijuana every day and restocking may be required at any moment. It may not be feasible for them to make long trips only to buy cannabis.  Also, in the present time of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is dangerous for even recreational users to step out of their homes. So how do you restock?  

Most dispensaries are offering online orders and home deliveries to their customers. See if the dispensary you chose offers doorstep delivery services or not. If not home deliveries, they probably should have curbside deliveries available. Consider opting for dispensaries that have either of the services available as it is a safe option. 

What varieties do they offer?

Cannabis has different strains, each with a different chemical profile. Strains also offer different effects on the body. So if you need one to boost your energy or put you to sleep, a good store will be able to provide you with just the right type. 

Also, not all people are only looking for buds to smoke. There are dozens of delivery methods that involve different varieties of cannabis. Some require tinctures while others may need concentrates like resin or wax. Even these varieties have further variations. A good dispensary should be able to satisfy all of its customers. 

Nowadays people are more into edibles as a means of prioritizing health. But edibles are not just restricted to brownies or gummies. There are infusions and several recipes that allow people to enjoy marijuana in a delicious way. Who knows you may even feel like trying a new type with time. In conclusion, variety in a store is a good sign.

Do they have quality products?

Sometimes having a variety of strains and products doesn’t necessarily mean that a dispensary serves quality products. 

Quality depends on the way the strains are tested and stored. Some dispensaries get their stock from third parties so you cannot really be sure of the quality. But one way to check it on your own is by using your senses. Look around to see how they store and handle all their products. Also, learn how to identify good stuff from the bad ones. Usually, all licensed stores have lab tested and quality products. Even then there is no harm in learning how to differentiate between good and bad quality. After all, you should know what you are paying for. 

Do they grow their own marijuana? If yes, how?

There are some dispensaries that grow their own marijuana. Some even have the grow site on or around the dispensary. This practice allows the stores to go along with their needs and requirements. They can grow a particular strain or use a certain growing style to keep the quality of cannabis consistent. 

In such a case, you must learn the growing conditions of marijuana. Ask questions related to the nutrients fed to the plants, the temperature they are kept in, if they use grow lights or natural sun and if they use pesticides or compost. Questions like these will help you get a better idea of the quality of the products. 

How is the staff?

Along with the quality and product variety, the staff also speaks volumes about a dispensary. First of all, observe their attitude towards you and other customers. Are they helpful or just waiting for the day to end? This way you may even develop a bond that is best for both parties. 

Secondly, ask them questions and test their knowledge. The budtender should have at least the basic knowledge about cannabis. Not all people who enter a dispensary have their minds set up about what they are going to buy or what suits them. A budtender can help such customers by guiding them about the right strains. And also acquainting them with all the precautions necessary to have the best experience. 

Do they follow the safety measures for COVID-19?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, safety has become a priority for everyone. With cannabis deemed as essential and people preferring home deliveries, it is important to ensure that safety is followed by the dispensaries too.

The staff and delivery executives should always wear protective gear. This includes gloves and masks. The dispensary should be sanitized every hour or so to be as safe as possible. Curbside pickups should be done in the car to maintain minimal contact. Some dispensaries also ask their customers to place orders in advance or within a given time slot to avoid overcrowding. 

How are their reviews?

It is always best to consider social proof to make the final decision. You can get to know more about the quality, variety and behavior of the staff with online reviews. In fact, reviews alone can cut down a lot of other research work for you. And sometimes you may get to know more than what you found out or about things that slipped off your radar.

Final Thoughts

Every cannabis user needs to have a reliable dispensary in his or her area. But to find one you will have to look through a lot of them. It sounds hectic, but all of it becomes a smooth experience when you lay down the answers to these questions. After getting your medical marijuana card in San Diego, choose your preferences to find out which can be your one and only go-to cannabis store.