Choose Tinctures Over Other Forms Of Consumptions

Choose Tinctures Over Other Forms Of Consumptions

Tinctures have been around since the dark ages; they are an old way of concentrating plant compounds into medicines and still reap all the benefits from the plant.  

Whether you are a seasoned cannabis user or a newcomer, this is a great way to consume cannabis for your medical purposes.

If they have been around forever, why haven’t they found mainstream success?

It’s just that people are a lot more familiar with the reigning idea of either smoking it or taking a pill. The truth is that they are one of the most effective ways of administering medical marijuana, especially for acute cases.

How Are Tinctures Made  

This concentration is one of the most potent forms of the herb.

Tinctures are made by soaking cannabis in alcohol in the ratio of either 1:1 or 1:10, depending on the strength of the tincture. This process takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks, followed by pressing the mixture and discarding all the plant matter and storing the liquid to be used as a tincture.  If you want to have complete control over the process you can make your own.

The question that arises in a lot of people’s minds is precisely why alcohol is used over everything else?

Why Alcohol? 

Why Alcohol

It Is a Safe Solvent 

Alcohol is an excellent solvent as it can extract the compounds and active ingredients that are generally not water-soluble. It is also a natural organic compound, which ensures effectiveness. Anything else may turn out to be a less effective product.

The Absorption Rate Is Quicker

Alcohol-based tinctures are absorbed by our body much faster as our tongue and cheek have a lot of capillaries that are great for consuming alcohol.

It Is a Preservative 

Alcohol works as a preservative, and that means the shelf life of your tincture can be to up to 5 years or more.

It Increases The Potency 

As mentioned above, they are highly potent and concentrated, and with alcohol, they become even stronger.

So why should you move towards tinctures over smoking and vaping? I have a breakdown for you. 

Benefits Of Tinctures  

Benefits Of Tinctures

Accurate Dosing 

Since tinctures are dispensed via single drops, it is easy for you to administer the correct dosage. No other form of consumption has the same kind of control.

Minimum Dosage, Maximum Effectiveness

Considering how potent Tinctures are, the smallest amount needs to be consumed to reach the same effect as that of a vape or a joint.

Once you figure out your minimum effective dose, you can quickly be saving money and buying the right potency.

Discreet Application 

Since you are taking a couple of drops via a dropper like any other medicine. This gives you a sense of security that nobody around you would know if you are consuming marijuana. Just be sure of the quantities; otherwise, you run the risk of taking just a little too much.  

 Low Calorie

 Unlike all other edibles, tinctures are comparatively a lot more discreet and a great way to manage your weight if you are on a calorie watch. 

Long Shelf Life

 The best part of tinctures, however, is their shelf life. As long as you store them in a dark, cold place, chances are, you will be able to store it for a long, long time.

Another possibility that you can exercise when it is a tincture is that you can mix it with any food that you eat. Juices, soups, smoothies, syrups- the world is your oyster.


If it is a discreet way of taking your dosage you are looking for, it doesn’t get better than tinctures. It is practical, clean, and comfortable -what more could you ask for? Also, it comes highly recommended by MMJ doctor San Diego.