Can You Sell Marijuana With Cannabis Recommendations San Diego

Can You Sell Marijuana With Cannabis Recommendations San Diego?

A dramatic transition from a “nonsense” product to “major therapeutic invention”, the journey was definitely not easy. But, still, there is no change in its federal identity. It was a Schedule 1 drug and that status is still the same. As per the DEAm cannabis is still a product with high abuse potential. Even if you carry your cannabis recommendations San Diego, there are some things that you need to be aware of as well. 

For instance, people Google queries such as-

  1. How much weed is intent to sell?
  2. How many years for intent to sell?
  3. How much weed can you carry before intent to sell?
  4. Are there any felony charges for possession of weed or intent to sell?

As it is a controlled substance, therefore any engagement that involves the public is still considered as harmful to the public. Although, emerging studies challenge this FDA and DEA theory of medical marijuana being an illicit drug. 

How Much Weed is Intent to Sell?

There is not a simple solution to this query. As in some regions of the United States, it does not restrict the possession of marijuana. But, it might that imply that you might be selling or you have an intent to sell weed. 

According to the federal law 21 U.S. Code Section 841, selling, manufacturing, distributing, or possessing marijuana with an intent to sell is a criminal felony. “Intent to Sell” is under legal expert supervision and their knowledge. So, if two friends were planning to sell an illicit substance to other friends on campus without any actual transaction, you will be charged with only “intent to sell”. 

For example, if you have 2.5 grams or less, you might have jail time of around 6 months or a $1500 fine. Federal laws are quite stringent about the distribution or selling of any of the controlled substances. And for weed, it could be around five years if you possess around 100kgs of the substance, even if you have cannabis recommendations, San Diego.

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What Does Conspiracy to Sell or Distribute Mean?

It can be a little confusing when you can add the charge of conspiracy. It’s like, who does that? It’s like you conspire to distribute a product or plan it to sell or possess. But, eventually, do not get the job done. So, you will be charged with only the conspiracy. The length of the relationship is important when it comes to justifying the conspiracy. And if by any chance, you conspire involving anyone under the age of 21 years, the jail time or penalties increase by double. 

Do All States Work in The Same Manner When it Comes To Penalties Related to “Intent to Sell”?

No. Rules and regulations change a bit and depend on the type of laws followed by your state. If you live in California, possessing weed can never be illegal. But, there are rules that restrict them to possess a certain amount with and without cannabis recommendations in San Diego or any other county or city. For example, you are allowed to have more than 28.5 grams on a person or premises. And it gives you the opportunity to grow as well. But, only up to 6 plants at a time. 

But, if you possess the same amount in another state with different limits, you might be charged with a guilty of distribution. That can end up as jail time. 

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Final Thoughts 

You must be confused with all the legal talks that we did in the beginning and the middle of the article. But, one needs to know a lot of things before getting into the marijuana business or using it for therapeutic purposes. However, federal law contains anything that determines you are using marijuana for an “intent to sell”. 

Plus, some states are good with either medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. While some states have legalized it entirely. Things change a lot that makes people much more prone to vulnerability. Some people get duped by scams, others don’t know the amount that is allowed for possession. Some do it unknowingly and hand over their stuff to family and friends. 

A lot of factors impact the final scenario of medical marijuana in the country. But, rather than spending taxpayers’ money on restrictions and other stuff related to weed. It is important to legalize it and use that money for the betterment of society. 

This would be beneficial for the ones looking for medical marijuana therapy using cannabis recommendations in San Diego or their respective states or counties. The ball is now in the court of FDA and other federal agencies that are restricting its use nationwide. Hopefully, they understand its importance and make it possible for everyone to access cannabis strains and products easily.