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California’s New Campaign Aims at Stopping Illegal Cannabis Sales

California is putting efforts to promote legal cannabis businesses statewide. The state is starting a new public campaign weedwise, allowing consumers to verify if their purchases are legal.

For this awareness campaign, ads will be posted on social media and billboards. This will promote, which provides information about legal cannabis shops.

By visiting this site, you can perform the cannabis license search in two ways—search by license information and premises location.

California’s New Anti-Illegal Campaign for Cannabis Industry

In California, cannabis is legal for medical and recreational purposes. To get legal access to medical marijuana San Diego, you require a licensed doctor’s recommendation, which shows that you need cannabis for medical purposes only. While to use the herb for recreational purposes, you don’t require any card.

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Medical users enjoy many benefits over recreational users. They can access high-quality cannabis products, save money on cannabis purchases, etc. If you’re interested in growing cannabis at home, you can apply for a growers license San Diego.

There’s a wide range of state-licensed dispensaries available statewide, where consumers can purchase cannabis products.

But, there’s a wide range of illegal cannabis shops open statewide. The state launches a new campaign to help legal shops grow and stop illegal shops from doing business. 

Here’re some of the ads of this campaign-

  • What’s in your weed shouldn’t be a mystery. Shop licensed cannabis retailers only.
  • Do you know what’s hiding in your counterfeit edibles?

Bureau of Cannabis Control Chief Lori Ajax said, “The campaign will directly impact consumer safety by clarifying that only cannabis purchased from licensed retailers has met the state’s safety standards.”

The campaign is also aimed at warning illicit shops that sell cannabis products to get licenses or shut their businesses.

California started legal cannabis sales in the last year, but the black market continues to affect it. Consumers prefer buying tax-free cannabis products from unlicensed dispensaries across the state.

But, the illegal products don’t meet the state’s standards, and may not be safe to consume because of the presence of pesticides, metal, even human waste.

The spokesman Alex Traverso said, “The initial spending on the campaign is $1.7 million, aiming at providing awareness to the maximum number of people.

Tom Lackey, a Republican from Palmdale, said that the problem is one of the biggest failures in the system right now, and regulations are merely suggestions without an enforcement arm.

Across the state, there’re thousands of illegal cannabis shops, and the state is under pressure by the legal shops to put efforts to stop sales of illicit cannabis sales. For example, Los Angeles houses hundreds of illegal shops and marijuana cultivation sites.

Illegal cannabis shops are affecting the business of legal shops across the state. The state’s new campaign is aimed at curbing the sales of illegal cannabis businesses. Will it become successful, we can’t say right now, but it’s likely to help legal shops. 

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