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9 New Cannabis Strains You Can Grow in 2019

What is your favorite plant?

I know. Mine as well. Not just because of the high, but it is very beneficial.

Medical marijuana industry is growing and people are starting to realise the therapeutic benefits of the herb. Only if they could have heard Snoop Dogg before, right? But in all seriousness, medical marijuana has completely revolutionised the medical sector with its wide range of advantages in the treatment of various conditions.

If you are a grower then we sure can be friends. It is not like I don’t need friends but I would like to have more than just one pretend friend. Weirding you out? Don’t worry, I was just kidding? Or was I? Gotcha!

Growing cannabis is hard and it takes a lot of time. Patience is one quality you must have to be a good cannabis grower. But with all that, comes the satisfaction of growing your own personal medical marijuana. All you need for that is a grower’s license.

Growing your own plant is just like growing your own child. That sweet little green cuddler takes a lot of time to grow but all of that’s worth it. So, if you’re life is strained and you need some cannabis strains  then turn your backyard into your dream place.

So learn the new strains that you can grow in 2019:

Regular Strains

Nomad Regular Seeds:

It comes from the mysterious Purple Urkle. Despite being 40% sativa it grows a snout. It produces a characteristic smell of grape, skunk and sweet berries. Have it and you’ll get the beautiful mental and physical high.

It is breeded by Jinxproof Genetics and has an 8 weeks flowering time. It produces an average yield, so take good care of them.

Bubba Haze Regular Seeds:

It is one of the newest regular cannabis seed strain and is breeded by World of Seeds. It is a 50-50 indica sativa strain hybrid which shows vigorous growth. Growing indoor or outdoor the strain won’t give you any trouble. They generally develop large buds and have a woody aroma providing a euphoric high.

It takes around 55 to 65 days to flower and its yield is about 600 g/m2; 2000 g/plant.

Safety Meeting Regular Seeds:

Another strain breeded by Jinxproof Genetics. It is 75% indica strain electric watermelon with 9lb hammer. There are two common phenotypes of the plant one more heavily sativa and one more indica.

It takes about 60 days to flower and often produces a high yield.

Auto Strains

Strawberry Gum Auto Seeds:

As the name suggests it was made by the cross of Bubble Gum Auto with Strawberry genetics. They complete their life-cycle within just 9-10 weeks from germination. It has bubble gum and strawberry aroma and the taste. It gives a high and helps person feel more energetic and optimistic.

It yields about 500g/m2; 95g/plant.

Turing Auto Seeds:

This is great if you are growing outdoors. It has been breeded by Super Strains. They are excellent growers in the areas with heavy rainfall and can even grow up to 5 feet in height. It provides a stony high with its musky aroma.

It takes about 55 to 65 days to grow and produces a yield of 600 g/m2.

Glueberry Auto Seeds:

It is bred from Blueberry and Gorilla Glue #4 with ruderalis genetics. They have a high THC level of about 21.6% and CBD about 0.57% that provide the users with a good potent high.

It is bred by Expert Seeds and it takes around 8 weeks to grow. It has an average yield of 600-650 g/m2; 700 g/plant.

Feminized Strains

Cherries Jubilee Feminized Seeds:

It is one of the newest cannabis strain by The Cali Connection. They are stocky-structured, have fruity buds and grow dense. The indica dominant strain is a hybrid cross of Pre ‘98 Bubba and the Forbidden Fruit. It is better to grow it in a bushy mass to maximize its yield. It has strong flavors and tastes.

It takes around 65-68 days to grow and has an yield about 200 g/m2.

Alaskan Purple Feminized Seeds:

Bred by Seedsman, it is their newest strain and one to surely take notice of in 2019. It is a vigorous hybrid of Kush, Brazilian Sativa and Purple Alaskan. It gives that relaxing feeling with a tinch of psychedelia.

It takes around 64 days to flower and has a yield about 200-280 g/m2; 1700 g/plant.

Orange Sherbert Feminized Seeds:

It is bred by the cross between Cherry Pie, Purple Urkle and Orange Cream. The indica strain produces great yield of sticky and dense buds. The moderate sized plant can be grown indoor as well as outdoor. It is great to feel relaxing effects.

Bred by Barney’s Farm Seeds, it takes around 60-70 days to flower and produces an yield about 700 g/plant.

These are some new cannabis strains that you can choose to decorate your miniature cannabis farm with. Medical marijuana is gradually getting accepted in the country and it is great times for the medical industry. The change was needed and in coming years there will only be more developments and new medications based on the herb to treat various conditions.

But you are not the one who likes visiting dispensaries, rather you like to have home grown cannabis. That is great, hope we can be good friends for a long time. Great! See you soon then. 

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