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Why You are not Getting High on Your Weed

Smoking your weed but still not getting high? You, certainly, are not the only one with this problem. In fact, it happens a lot. And marijuana doctors in San Diego say that there are several reasons behind this.

It’s a known fact that cannabis reacts differently with different people. And therefore, some people are more sensitive to the herb compared to others. It all depends on your biology and your genetics. However, this can not be the only reason why some people don’t get high. There are many other important factors that influence the effects of cannabis on your body. And in this article, we are gonna discuss them one by one.

Here is a list of 7 potential reasons why you are not able to get high on your weed :

  • You are a First-Timer
  • You are Not Inhaling the Smoke Properly
  • You have a Bad Quality Weed
  • Your Weed isn’t Very Potent
  • Your Method of Consumption is not Right
  • You have Some Medical Condition
  • You have a Very High Tolerance

Now Let’s learn about them in detail.

1. You are a First-Timer

Many first-time cannabis consumers have difficulty getting high in the beginning. In fact, for some new consumers, it may take several tries to finally feel the effects of the plant. And therefore, if you are new to this, we recommend you try again and again. You just need to give it some time.

But why does this happen?

There are various different theories for this. For starters, some people believe that the cannabinoid receptors present inside our bodies are not very used to the external cannabinoids from cannabis. And thus, when we start consuming weed, these receptors take some time to fully activate.

Another reason might be that, as you are a newbie, you are being overly anxious about this whole “getting high” thing. And this is blocking your mind from actually enjoying the experience. To solve this problem, you just need to relax your mind a little and let everything go with the flow.

2. You are Not Inhaling the Smoke Properly

If you are consuming cannabis through smoking, inhaling the smoke properly is a “must” for you to get any effects. It may be a bit uncomfortable for new users, but they will start feeling better after some time. Just keep your hits very small in the beginning. It’s better to inhale a small hit properly than to have a big hit that you just can’t manage.

Remember, you need to take the smoke into your lungs, and not your stomach. If you feel your stomach hurting or burping up smoke, you probably swallowed the smoke into your stomach rather than inhaling it into your lungs.

Also, many people believe that you need to hold the smoke in for some time to get better effects. However, this is completely wrong. Once you’ve got the smoke into your lungs, you’re good to exhale it. Holding it for some extra seconds isn’t gonna have any different effects on your experience.

3. You have a Bad Quality Weed

The quality of your weed plays a very significant role in determining the effects you get from it. Yes, you can get high from a low-quality weed too. But for that, you will have to consume a lot more. And therefore, it’s better to consume good quality cannabis only.

But how do you know if your weed is of good quality or not?

If you are a newbie, I recommend you rely on a more experienced person for this task. However, it’s not always possible to have someone like this around all the time. And therefore, it’s better to know a few things yourself to differentiate between good and bad weed. Let’s see some important points.

  1. Check if your weed has seeds. Having a few seeds here and there doesn’t matter a lot. However, if your weed has a lot of seeds, it’s not of very good quality.
  2. Check if it is sticky. If your weed sticks to your fingers, it means it has a high resin content, which is a very good sign.
  3. Break open your bud and check its smell. If it smells strong and pungent and doesn’t have any moldy odor, it probably is a good quality weed.

4. Your Weed isn’t Very Potent

Unless your weed is tested for its THC content, you cannot really know if it is potent or not. And this may be another reason why you are not getting high- Your weed isn’t actually potent.

In states where cannabis is still not legal, people often get their products from the black market. And black market dealers usually don’t think about anything but their profits. They may give you a bad quality product or simply a CBD flower instead of a full spectrum cannabis flower. And a CBD-only product cannot get you high in any case.

5. Your Method of Consumption is not Right

The market is filled with several different ways in which one can consume cannabis. We have pipes, bongs, blunts, joints, vaporizers, edibles and so many more. But due to the availability of so many different options, inexperienced cannabis consumers may pick up a way that may not work for them. And thus, they don’t get high.

The solution is quite simple. For people who are new to cannabis, marijuana doctors in San Diego recommend joints as the best way to start their cannabis journey. However, if joints are also not working for you, you may go for something else, such as a pipe or edibles.

The basic idea is to change the way you consume your cannabis.

6. You have Some Medical Condition

This can be a bit confusing, as cannabis is actually used as a medicine to treat various medical conditions. However, for some people, some specific medical conditions at a severe level may stop them from getting high on cannabis. Instead, they just feel normal after consuming it.

I would also like to mention here a fascinating study about a hormone called pregnenolone. A clinical study conducted in 2014 on some lab rats showed that this hormone can act as a THC blocker. And so, if your body produces this hormone in high quantities, there is a possibility that it is blocking the THC from reacting with your body, and thus stopping you from being high.

7. You have a Very High Tolerance

If you are a new cannabis consumer, this probably isn’t for you. But if you have been consuming it for a long time, you may have built a very high tolerance toward it

See, the more you consume cannabis the higher will be your tolerance. And with time, you may develop so much tolerance that it may become very difficult for you to get high. If this is the case for you, you probably need to lower your tolerance. And the perfect way to do it is by taking a tolerance break.

Another thing you should know about, here, is strain tolerance. This usually happens when you keep consuming the same strain for a very long time. In this case, you may try switching to some other strains.

So, these were the most common reasons one may not be getting high on their weed. However, if you don’t find yourself in any of these categories, we recommend you talk to a qualified cannabis doctor.