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6 ways to Help a Friend deal with too-intense high

You are relaxing, enjoying medical marijuana with your friends and you suddenly notice a friend freaking out. He got high. Too high!

What started as a close friends get together quickly turns into a freak show.

Even though it is not common but it happens especially when one of your friends has recently started using it.

What do you do?

If your condition qualifies for online 420 evaluations in San Diego and you’ve been consuming cannabis for a long time, you’d be familiar with the situation. Ever since cannabis is legalized in the United States, it’s not uncommon to see people using it to get relief. People from all walks of life with a variety of medical conditions are reaping the benefits of cannabis.

However, there are times when the effects are too intense. And it’s important to deal with the situation if you don’t want to have a bad experience with it.

Here are few things that you can do to help a friend in need:


  • Prevent this situation


Yes, this tip might not help when you are already in the situation but it’s worth mentioning. I know you didn’t want it to happen. But think about it, could you have done something differently to prevent this situation? Well, I believe you could have. Many studies have shown that consuming CBD before smoking cannabis can help in counteracting the effects of THC. A CBD dose can actually help relieve the anxiety of THC. In fact, it can even help you enjoy the high. It’s beneficial for people who are new to cannabis and do not have much experience. So if you know your friend is a beginner, you can always give a dose of CBD beforehand to avoid falling prey to such situations.

  • Reassure him that he is fine

Reassure your friend with hugs that they are fine. That there’s nothing to be worried about. As a side note, no one has ever died of cannabis overdose. You have to reassure it to him. It’s all THC anxiety and it will pass. Talk to your friend in a soothing voice and stay with him. You can even encourage him to lie down for a few minutes. This will help him calm down and relax.

  • Help him focus on breathing

What do you do when you are in a stressful situation? Well, most of us take a deep breath and try to relax. This is no different. Ask your friend to take few deep breaths and relax. It will not only distract him but also calms their mind. Breathing actually helps in stressful situation and when your friend is too high, it’s worth making him do that.

  • Keep him hydrated

Help him drink plenty of water. Make sure you keep him hydrated by making him drink a lot of water. You can even make him chew on peppercorns and/or drink lemon water. The acidic nature of lemon can counteract the effects of high.

  • Distract him

Some people recommend distracting a high person. When a person is high, it’s best to keep him busy with other things. You can make him sit and watch a sitcom that he enjoys. Or you can take a trip to the nature with him. Fresh air calms the nerves and brings down the high effect.

  • Give him food

It’s a universal fact that cannabis triggers the munchies. Even if a person is too high, they crave food. Provide your friend with something to eat. This will not only distract him from the anxiety induced by THC but also suppress their high. But remember don’t give him beverages that are caffeine rich. Caffeine can worsen the situation. So avoid any beverage except water or lemon water and give him something to eat.

Cannabis is a natural herb that is shown to possess medicinal properties. Even though cannabis overdose doesn’t kill you, the THC high effects can trigger a panic attack. If you see a friend freaking out too much or having a panic attack, it’s always recommended to take him to hospital. As long as your medical condition qualifies for 420 evaluations in California, San Diego, there won’t be any legal consequences. We also recommend taking precautions when consuming cannabis strains which have high THC content.

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