Happy Easter Holidays

5 Party Strains to Celebrate this Holiday Weekend

 Finally a long weekend! Holidays are up, summers at the door, life is finally making sense.

Monday: Why?

Tuesday: Getting used to!

Wednesday: At my best potential.

Thursday: Why isn’t the week finishing.

Friday: Is so Good!

Saturday: 04/20. Best day ever.

Sunday: Happy Easter. Give me some more treats.

That is my chart for this week.

First Good Friday, then International Cannabis Day, and then to add the frosting, its Easter on Sunday. Some week for cannabis lovers.

I am an out n out cannabis enthusiast. Meaning, if it is good Friday, it is green Friday for me. I am a patient to anxiety so need medical marijuana for my treatment, what condition do you suffer from?

More importantly, what are your plans for this weekend?

I have 5 strains for you that you could give a whiff while partying this weekend.

International Cannabis Day

Super Silver Haze

It is one of the most famous sativa in the world. The strain hits you nice and its effects are also long-lasting. Long weekend? This strain is just perfect for you. It will leave you focused, energetic, uplifted and euphoric. The 70% sativa boasts a high THC content of 18-25%.

Looking for a strain that keeps its effects for the day, the strain is destined to be your partner. It is very easily available also. It is widely used in the treatment of severe depression, chronic fatigue, migraines, etc.


The cross between Skunk #1, AK-47 and Northern Lights is a party strain. The strain is appreciated by the regulars as a true classic strain. Open its jar and your olefins will be enriched with pungent, woody, floral and herbal scents.

It produces energetic effects. The strain keeps you happy and uplifts your mood. So, this green Friday, consume the strain to get in the mood for a great party. The strain also helps people suffering from depression, stress, and insomnia.

Laughing Buddha

The strain defines fun and laughter. The sativa is a cross between Thai and Jamaican. It will help you focus and concentrate better but will give you a time of laughter you cannot forget.

A total party strain is what you need this weekend. Experience joy and happiness with Laughing Buddha. It is also great for a person suffering from depression, backaches, and moderate pain.


The strain was genetically bred and actually shocked the people with its energizing effects. The almost pure sativa produces effects that will make you groove all night. The cross between Cannalope Haze and Chocolate Haze is a must-have strain this Easter.

Where people expect it to have a chocolate scent but it actually comes with melon and coffee-like aroma. Get your brain racing more with the strain.

Strawberry Cough

Suffering from anxiety or stress? This strain can be your perfect companion. With a long weekend, the strain sure packs up a punch. The sativa dominant strain produces euphoric effects uplifting your moods like no other.

Additionally, the strain gives you an energetic evening with a punch that makes the party a lot more fun. So, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the strain will keep you away from your condition and closer to the enjoyment you were looking for.

Have you tried any of these strains before?

Get a medical marijuana card online and get access to quality medical marijuana strains for your treatment this International Cannabis Day. Where the world celebrates 04/20, you can too with smoking or vaping your favorite strain.

Share with us your favorite strain in the comments section below.

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