Is Medical Marijuana’s Popularity Covering up Weak Scientific Evidence?

Every article, blog, advertisement, and even print media is covering reports about medical marijuana. Be it emphasizing its health benefits or highlighting the ongoing medical marijuana trends. The change came into effect after the approval of a CBD-based drug, Epidiolex by the USFDA.

And almost every article is emphasizing on the medical benefits of medical marijuana and its splendid therapeutic efficacy. For instance, here are some of the trending topics taking rounds across the internet.

USA Today- “Edibles 101: Everything You Need to Know About Eating Cannabis Safely”

Washington Post- “The Cannabis Market is Looking Up, Even if Cannabis Stocks Aren’t”

San Francisco Chronicle – “LIVE updates: Cannabis prohibition ends in California”

New York Times- “Do We Really Want a Microsoft of Marijuana?”

Likewise, a lot of other portals are creating consistent content regarding different aspects of medical marijuana. Some are saying that medical marijuana is a wonder drug. While others are speaking negatively about its health effects. But, the question of interest is “ Who is right?”

We understand that medical marijuana definitely has a lot of potential when it comes to relieving symptoms like nausea, vomiting, pain, inflammation, seizures, and other symptoms. But, marketing it as a cancer treatment or as an aid in Parkinson’s patients seems a bit vague for now.

But, why is that?

Cannabis Market is Trying to Make Billions With Less or Incomplete Information

Cannabis Market is Trying to Make Billions

You must be thinking about whether or not choosing medical marijuana strains will be beneficial for you. Or whether it has any medicinal benefits as mentioned in millions on articles published online.

Hang on!!
Don’t worry.

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Medical marijuana will definitely help you reduce your symptoms or manage your medical condition. But, is that possible for everyone as a whole is still under research. Also, because federal agencies classify weed as a Schedule 1 drug. That makes any clinical trial on the subject of a criminal offense. Especially, if the details are not shared with the recognized state agencies before starting any such projects.

And, this does not end here. If cannabis was not enough, marketers started cashing on the name of CBD “the non-intoxicating component” of medical cannabis.

CBD: Wonder Drug of Recent Times

People are going crazy over this molecule. Not only people but manufacturers are busy finding different CBD products to lure customers into the world of medical marijuana. Also, because hemp CBD is legal all over the 50 states. Making it one of the most desirable products of all time.

Whether it can do any good or not, CBD is the “hottest” topic of the market. Especially, the ones with mental health issues. But, the evidence supporting the same is still under the radar.

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To Conclude

We are not saying that medical marijuana is not helpful in relieving your symptoms. We are just emphasizing on the fact that everybody is different. And because research or clinical trials are not available. It is impossible to know whether or not it will work in your favor or not.

Precisely why you should always consult a medical marijuana doctor, instead of doing any self-medication. Are you also looking for “medical marijuana card renewal San Diego”? Try finding a doctor first, not the dispensary.

Can CBD Cause Intoxication?

CBD is responsible for a plethora of effects, but inducing “high” is definitely not one of them. Still, a lot of patients going for CBD oil often ask queries like-

  1. Will I feel any dizziness after consuming CBD oil?
  2. Will I be able reach cloud 9 if I use CBD concentrates?
  3. Will I get intoxicated after using CBD?

People tend to relate CBD with THC, that usually leads to such confusions. But, there is a lot of difference between the two. Despite the fact that they are found in a similar source. 

What’s The Difference?

CBD and THC are two different forms of phytocannabinoids present in the medical cannabis. THC interacts with the CB2 receptors, while it acts as an antagonist who does not act directly on either of the ECS receptors (CB1 and CB2). 

That’s why THC activates the reactions that leads to the famous “high”. On the contrary, it limits the intoxicating component, and stimulates therapeutic effects.

In short, CBD will never trigger “high” upon consumption. Even when consumed in larger doses. 


Does The Concept Implement On All The Available Forms Of CBD?

There might be a slight bit of variations in the types of CBD available in the market. Let’s understand them a bit more. 

If you have ever purchased CBD from any licensed medical marijuana dispensary, you might have noticed that it comes in primarily in three different forms. 

  1. Full-spectrum
  2. Broad-spectrum
  3. Isolate

And they differ quite a bit. For instance,

  1. Full spectrum products come with whole-plant extracts. That means they contain almost all the components as found in cannabis. 
  2. Broad Spectrum contain almost everything but THC. That’s precisely the reason of difference between the two. 
  3. Isolates are strictly just CBD products. You will find no other cannabis compound in such products. 

Now the question of interest is that since full spectrum CBD products contain THC as well. Do they have any psychoactive effects? 

The Entourage Effect

Thinking that it is only potent when taken as an isolate might be a wrong notion. Instead, scientists advocate the idea of taking medical cannabis as a whole or taking full-spectrum CBd products. 

Confused, why?

It’s because nature has made it like that. Every component diminishes the negative effects of the other ones and enhances the positive ones substantially. 

In fact, entourage effect is the key player of medical cannabis as a medicine. A reason why mmj doctors providing 420 evaluations in San Diego, California ask their patients to go for full-spectrum products. 

Another reason that makes entourage effect important is that it shuts off any unpleasant effects of THC when present in higher doses. It counteracts any bad features about THC. 

Hence, no intoxicating effects at all. 

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Is It Better Than Others?

Well, none can answer that question as of now. It depends on every person. For some, full works, while for other going for broad spectrum is a much better option. 

Whatever option you choose, make sure to talk to a licensed medical health professional for the recommended dosages. 

Rest assured, it will definitely not be the reason for any intoxicating effects. Just makes sure to get a valid online medical card San diego if you are going for medical cannabis based CBD products. 

Why Is Bioavailability a Critical Factor For Medical Cannabis Consumption?

More than 140 million people across the globe are consuming medical cannabis. Be it for recreational or medicinal purposes. 

But, what’s the use of consuming cannabis recklessly, when you don’t have any idea what’s staying inside you?

Before moving ahead, let’s understand the term “bioavailability” a little more. 


Bioavailability is the content or concentration of any medication or substance that is available to the target tissue. Doctors and other researchers confirm that any intravenous dose is 100% bioavailable. 

So, bioavailability is like a percentage of dose that your body gets when compared to an injected dose. 


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How Does this Term Link to Medical Cannabis Consumption?

Imagine, you have consumed medical cannabis and are waiting for its effects to finally start acting. But, somehow nothing is working out. What will you think?

Either the medical cannabis strain is low-quality or you need to consume more for it to show any effects on your mind or body.

There can be multiple number of reasons. But, one of the primary reasons for the same is that your ingredient is not reaching the target area or location. 

Plus, different strains contain varying amounts of THC or CBD. So, effects are bound to be different.

And, above all, the results will also differ if you are taking it via different methods. But, if you are a patient looking for therapeutic effects, then bioavailability is very important. 

As, high bioavailability means that you will require less dosage even for high potency. Also, higher bioavailability means that you are consuming high quality strains as well.

What is The Bioavailability of Different Consumption Methods?

Different Consumption Methods


There are many factors that will affect bioavailability of the cannabis using a roll-up. 

  1. Details
  2. Amount of weed in a pack
  3. Quality of the cannabis 

A study found that when you smoke cannabis, THC is approx. 30% bioavailable. So, potency is a bit lower when you smoke cannabis. But, because it reaches the blood-brain barrier relatively quickly. 

So, you can feel the effects instantly. 


Vaping also uses the respiratory route to absorb cannabinoids. A 2016 study confirmed that vaping can provide approx. 50-80% of THC or CBD. 

But, it definitely depends on the type of vaporizer and strain that you will be using. People believe that vaporizing is the best way to consume medical cannabis. 

Especially for patients who are looking for therapeutic benefits using medical cannabis. Plus, it is a much safer option as compared to smoking cannabis. 

Choose wisely.

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There are comparatively new in terms of their availability in the market. People are going crazy over these products.  Edibles come with CBD or THC infused into them. 

But, there is always a hit or miss with this type of consumption method. Sometimes, even a single bite makes you feel the effects. While for others, it’s more like, “going on and on”, and still no effects. 

But, the reason of such variations is difference in the metabolic activity in different individuals. As THC converts into 11-hydroxy THC which absorbs into the body. Although the stay is longer in edibles. But, the bioavailability is approx 4-20% only. 


It is trending nowadays as the health and wellness products. A few drops under the tongue and you experience effects within 20 minutes. 

And, bioavailability is impressive as it bypasses the liver metabolism entirely. Plus, you can use this option in complete discretion as well.


A lot of topical products surfaced the market such as infused creams, lotions, transdermal patches, and a lot more. Companies are even coming with skincare products infused with THC and CBD. 

The mode of delivery ensures no psychoactive effects at all. Hence, higher therapeutic outcomes without experiencing any kind of euphoria. 

In short, whatever method of consumption you choose, make sure it aligns well with your metabolism and medical condition perfectly. 

Down with the symptoms of your medical condition? 

Looking for the right cannabis consumption method?

You can consult medical marijuana doctors San Diego for detailed explanation regarding this subject. 

How is Medical Cannabis Helpful In Alleviating The Symptoms of Bipolar Disorders?

Unusual mood shifts, changing energy levels, and sudden changes in the ability to carrying out day-to-day tasks. This is what precisely comprises bipolar disorders. Medical marijuana doctors in San Diego suggest looking for alternative medications for improved efficacy. 

Although a variety of conventional medications are available in the market. But, the actual treatment still remains a mystery. 

Also, the medications available have a lot of undesirable side effects such as inducing mania symptoms in some of the cases. 

In short, limitations everywhere. 

A need to explore new medications is on the rise now. And this has somehow introduced the concept of medical cannabis as a treatment alternative for alleviating symptoms associated with BPD. 

Cannabinoids in bipolar affective disorder: a review and discussion of their therapeutic potential- A Study

A study conducted to check the feasibility of cannabis as a treatment options for the treatment of a bipolar disorder. Here’s what the researchers found.

Psychological Effects of Cannabinoids  


  • THC


These cannabinoids have a biphasic and bidirectional mode of action depending on the environment, mode of administration, environmental factors, tolerance levels. 

It exerts its effects by producing euphoric effects that help the subjects to relax with decreased chances of developing anxiety, stress, or depression. 

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Also, THC helps improving mood and general well-being of the BPD patients. But, make sure that the dose of the cannabinoid is less than the threshold value that triggers psychosis. 


  • CBD


It has impeccable and potent anxiolytic, hypnotic, antipsychotic and anticonvulsant actions. This cannabinoid antagonizes the anxiety, intoxication liability and psychotic-like symptoms produced by high doses of THC. 

This makes it a potential therapeutic agent for relieving symptoms of BPD. It also helps in regulating the EC system that helps to alleviate symptoms affecting BPAD. 

Another property that makes cannabidiol a good option for the management of bipolar symptoms — Neuroprotection.

It works in compliance with other properties such as antioxidant. Thus mitigating the effects of oxidative stress, synaptic plasticity that helps in preventing or relieving bipolar symptoms. 

To confirm its efficacy in this particular psychological disorder, it requires a lot of research and clinical trials.

This makes CBD a popular choice among medical marijuana doctors in California

What is Better?


THC has the issue of psychosis associated with it. It cannot be judged which dose might affect the mind of any BPD patients. 

So, of course, CBD is a better option to opt for as it comes with a prominent non-psychoactive property with a lot of other therapeutic properties. 

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They directly or indirectly affect the signals thereby reducing the effects of BPD symptoms considerably. 


Bipolar Disorder is highly uncontrollable disorder even after using the drug available in the market. 

And often requires a mix of different types of medications including lithium, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and benzodiazepines. 

So, people are looking for different types of medications that are a good option as an adjunct or as a replacement for the current medications options. 

Medical cannabis is definitely one of the good alternatives for relieving such symptoms. 

But, will or won’t it be effective in the long run is yet to be confirmed by any researcher. However, medical marijuana doctors in San Diego advocate its benefits in this condition.