Who Are The Medical Marijuana Legal States in 2019_

Who Are The Medical Marijuana Legal States in 2019?

Things have taken a complete 360-degree turn with respect to the stigma around medical marijuana. The plant that was once condemned for use is now making its way slowly and gradually into the life of millions of users, be it for recreational or medical use. Global annual sales have skyrocketed to more than $100 billion within a decade. And this makes other states to think about whether or not to enter the category of “medical marijuana legal states in 2019.” 

Turns out legalizing medical marijuana is actually beneficial for the states who already legalized it either for therapeutic purposes or recreational purposes. Here is the list of different states that legalized marijuana on different levels. 

States That Legalized Cannabis And Are Allowing “Selling” as Well

These are one of the most forward-states that introduced medical marijuana and recreational cannabis for their public. They allow medical marijuana recommendations as well as allows the sale of marijuana in adult dispensaries. Here is the list of states that allow marijuana in either way — Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada. Oregon, and Washington. A data released by Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics reported that recreational weed will surpass more than $7 billion at the end of 2019. 

California is one of the major and leading markets when it comes to cannabis sales or even users. The State itself generates $3.1 billion in revenue. Besides this golden state, two other states Colorado and Washington are expected to hit more than $1 billion in recreational medical marijuana. However, experts expect Nevada to grow way beyond a lot of other states by 2024. 

States That Legalized Marijuana And Are Still Waiting For Their Turn 

Now, you must be thinking, the list of legalized states must be more than 8. Yeah, that’s true. Three other states have allowed adult-use recreational cannabis. But, they are yet to sell anything on a larger scale. These include Vermont, Illinois, and Michigan. These states are not expected to begin the process soon. Vermont still forbids sales of this drug. Their legislation is working on creating an effective retail system. And if you think, you can’t find medical marijuana in these states, then you are highly mistaken. They have licensed 420 evaluations, unlike what many people think. These states entered the league of “medical marijuana legal states in 2019”. 

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States That Allow Medical Marijuana But Not Pot

Recreational cannabis legalization across the fifty states still seems a dream. But, one can definitely move a bit closer by allowing the sale of medical marijuana in their states. And the following states are doing this for a long time now, although, there is still a big no-no when it comes to consuming weed or pot recreationally. These include  Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, and a few others. 

Medical cannabis is an evolving option growing gradually in the country. But, still, it seems a bit slow. For now, Florida seems to have a strong marijuana vibe. It might go ahead with adult-use in the coming year. In addition to this, Arizona, Ohio might enter the league of medical marijuana legal states. 

States That Are Still Working as Per Federal Guidelines

States That Are Still Working as Per Federal Guidelines

This group consists of approximately 17 states that are still adamant about cannabis culture in their respective states. Although, after the approval of Farm Bill 2018, one definitely gets access to CBD products. The list of those states includes- Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia, and others. A little more effort can actually turn them into the green state. It’s not about following the crowd blindly. It’s more about making your public access to something that can change their life forever. Especially the ones seeking medical help using medical marijuana therapy. 

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Final Thoughts

Entering the league of “ Medical Marijuana Legal States” is not a race anymore. It is more about allowing a product that was easily accessible to people centuries ago. It is not something that one can deny. Regarding its negative effects, don’t you think without any clinical trial, no one can actually claim that? Even you are against it, giving it a fair trial will help you avail a chance to have scientific proof that it is not good. Or else it will actually turn out to be the “magic potion” that everyone calls it. 

Whether medical marijuana should be recommended or consumed recreationally, the decision must be logical and rational, rather than assuming it to be bad. Assumptions kill inventions. Who would want that? I am sure not you. Isn’t that true? 

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