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Get access to Super Silver Haze with Online 420 Evaluations in San Diego

Hello! How you doing? Got your San Diego Medical Cannabis Card online? I am asking too many questions. Anyways…

Nice to see another medical marijuana enthusiast. It is great that people are starting to realise that medical marijuana is a med that is used to treat conditions and is actually not an illicit drug. With 33 states now legalizing it, the perception is slowly changing.

Cheers for a better and healthy future!

Have you got your San Diego Medical Cannabis Card online?

This question is important because you need it to get access to quality medical marijuana strains. Super Silver Haze being one of them.

Who here gets confused when in a dispensary?

See, to be honest Super Silver Haze is my favorite. Have you tried it? When I see a jar of the strain at the shelf looking at me, all I hear is it calling out me to buy it. Yes I do hear, “Buy me. Buy me. Buy me.” So, I end up buying it.

But then again, it really is helpful in my treatment. So, let’s know more about the strain.


The strain has been around for a long time. It rose to popularity in the 90s. Bred by the Dutch-Australian Nevil Schoenmakers and Shantibaba in Amsterdam is 805 sativa and 20% indica. The sativa dominant strain is a cross between Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights.

It is probably the most common Haze-strains in the world. It is known for its powerful and long term effects and also for its sustainable and strong plant.


It has a cocktail of smells and flavors. Sweet pine, citrusy candy and menthol could best describe it. It’s distinct and popular nature may be the reason why it has won a number of Cannabis Cups. Yes, it is also an award winner.

It’s flavor and aroma lasts for a long time. Smoke it and the air around will be filled with an aroma that everyone will want to be around you. No, not a room freshener but probably could be one. Is it? Nevermind I’ll smoke to freshen up your room if you want. So, get your San Diego Medical Cannabis Card online and get access to the strain.


It’s fruity and earthy flavors will give you a relaxing feeling. It will blow you away the first time you try it. It gives a characteristic calm but also a burst of energy. For creativity, this could be your go to strain. If you are looking to increase your focus then this might not be for you, although if you are looking to meander random activities then get it. Yes, get it.

It is very effective in making you happy and carefree. It helps in releasing tensions and stress. Convinced yet?

Medical Benefits

It is great for the treatment of stress, depression and increasing your appetite. With it’s relaxing and calming effects person gets relief from the ever so interfering stress. The energy provides a certain happiness and positivity in the body making it an effective antidepressant.


It can grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it takes around 10-11 weeks to flower and for outdoors, October is the ideal month. Yes, it requires patience but the results make it worth. Warm and tropical climate is best for its growth.

So, now are you looking to get hassle-free San Diego Medical Cannabis Card online?

Get it and buy it to treat your condition.

Great meeting you.

Ciao for now!

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